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Can Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair Be Done at the Same Time by One Doctor?

Hello I am 22 years old and recently had a baby. I am left with stretch marks and loose skin. My abdominal walls are separated and my bellybutton now... READ MORE

Sleeping Position After Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift / Augmentation and Lipo

16 days ago I had a TT, BL on right side, BA, & LIPO. When can I start to sleep on my sides or back? My back is killing me at this point from... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Having Breast Reduction with Tummy Tuck

After massive weight loss, I am looking to have both breast reduction and tummy tuck. I can't decide whether or not to do them together though.... READ MORE

Combo Procedure - Tummy Tuck with Fat Injections to Buttocks

I want to know how safe is it to have tummy tuck and fat injections to the buttocks? How long is the recovery and how would I sit or lay down? Should... READ MORE

Combi Tuck Vs Traditional Tummy Tuck

I went to Allure spa to get a price on a combi tuck. The doctor told me that he would lipo out what ever I could grab (8 lbs of fat abs and flanks)... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck First or Brazilian Butt Lift?

Which procedure should be done first between Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift with fat grafting? Should I do the butt augmentation first to make... READ MORE

Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction with Tummy Tuck?

I'm a BRCA positive 40 year-old in excellent health, normal weight. I'm having a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate, "one-step" reconstruction... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Thigh Lift and Breast Implants... at the Same Time?

I Am a 42 Yr. Old Mom of 3 Children Who Has Lost 107 Pounds with Exercise & Clean Eating. As a Result of the Weight Loss, I Have no fat tissue... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/ Mini Tummy Tuck During Complete (Open) Hysterectomy?

I am 27 and the mother of 4 children by cesarean. I am having a hysterectomy in a couple months to put myself into menopausal not by choice. After,... READ MORE

Will a Tummy Tuck Help with Hernia Repair?

I am in need of 4th hernia surgery. I am meshed from breast bone to navel, then navel down. Can a tummy tuck be performed along with the hernia... READ MORE

Inches Lost After Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo?

What is an Average Number of Inches Lost from Waist and Hips After a Tummy Tuck with Hips Lipo ? My measurements are waist-37, hips 47, what is a... READ MORE

Can I Have a Tummy Tuck After C-Section Delivery (At the Same Time)?

I am considering after my next child to have a tummy tuck after birth. Is this a plausible procedure? READ MORE

I Have Rectus Diastasis Along with a Ventral and Umbililical Hernia. Do I Need a TT Too? (photo)

I Have Rectus Diastasis Along with a Ventral and Umbililical Hernia.  I Am Really Struggling with the Decision to Have a Tummy tuck along with... READ MORE

Combo Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmenation - As Painful As C-Section?

I am 32 year old and have 4 children 6 - 10 month old . I want to do Tammy tuck and breast augmentation in the same time. Can you please give me... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Multiple Cosmetic Procedures at the Same Time? (photo)

Is it safe to get a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time? Soon, I am going to get all those... READ MORE

Can a Tummy Tuck Be Done During a Hysterectomy? (age 49)

I have suffered from endometriosis since I started menstruating at 13. I have had a laparatomy and many laparoscopies. Now, close to menopause, I feel... READ MORE

What Are The Risks With Upper Abdominal Liposuction with Tummy Tuck?

I would like to get the best results possible I know this increases the chances of necrosis but what percent of patients do you see that end up with... READ MORE

Safe to Do Tummy Tuck and Gallbladder Surgery at Same Time?

I am sxhedule for a tummy tuck but may also need gallbladder surgery is this safe to do both, should i choose one over the other? which one should i... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck With BBL vs Lipo Only with BBL. Pros and Cons? (photo)

OK, I am 27 years old with 2 children, I have that "post pregnancy pooch" with the stretch marks and loose skin. I was going to get the tummy tuck... READ MORE

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