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When Can I Wear Jeans After a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

4"9' 120 LBS breast reduction and a tummy tuck . One week post op. I had gained from 110 to 120 so most of my clothes didn't fit now with swelling... READ MORE

Will I Be Naked During my Tummy Tuck? Can I Wear Socks?

I know this is such a random question but I have seen a lot of questions from women wondering what underwear to wear, can we wear socks, I... READ MORE

Is Under Armour Compression Shirts/shorts Ok to Wear After Tummy Tuck?

I am 3 weeks post op from my tummy tuck. I was wondering if wearing Under Armour type compression shorts and shirts would be helpful or hurtful? I am... READ MORE

What to do - I have to see this everyday and it shows through clothes. (photos)

It's awful what procedure will help with this?? Went to plastic surgeon who say groin thigh lift that extends all the way under buttock and incision... READ MORE

Should I purchase larger clothing for work after full tummy tuck?

I am 5'2, 125lbs, and managed to lose my baby weight, so I'm a size 2 in pants now, and overall a size small and medium at times. Heard that I will be... READ MORE

I had my tummy tuck with lipo 6 weeks ago today.

I have a question. I tried on my old jeans (before surgery) and they fit very loosely, which is good, but I tried on a size smaller and they did not... READ MORE

After Lipo and tummy tuck surgery?

I want the tight fitting long legged fitting pants that help hold after surgery. After surgery it can be painful unless you have the latex fitting g... READ MORE

What is definition of heavy, when can I expect to wear normal clothes, clothing sizing- does that change much?

When can a person expect to wear normal clothes after a circumferential abdominoplasty? Normal being zippers and buttons versus yoga/sweatpants. How... READ MORE

What are these bulges from TT? 2 months post-op. (photos)

Hi what are these called and will it go away I'm almost 7 weeks post op and they budge and hang over back you can see the disform through my clothing... READ MORE

Will tummy tuck scar revision/lipo be worth the pain. (photos)

I had a preventative mastectomy & tram flap reconstruction 2 years ago with abdo muscle repair and my tt scar healed very poorly and was infected... READ MORE

Had a tummy tuck in November 2015 and wondering why lower abdomen sticks out? (photos)

I had a TT in November 2015 and my stomach is pretty tight. But what I don't understand is why my lower abdomen sticks out? I am told it is my muscle... READ MORE

My belly button started bleeding, 8 weeks post. Now I am concerned. Could it be from wearing tighter clothes or something else?

I had a tummy tuck on March 3rd, I ended up having seroma and had the drain reinserted for a week. This past week I noticed my belly button looked... READ MORE

5 weeks post-op, how long do I have to wait to exercise?

I'm 5 weeks post op. I have 0 swelling and havent had any complications. My surgeon says to stay out of the gym bc it would only make me swell. He did... READ MORE

What post op clothing do I need with Tummy Tuck, BBL, & LIPO?

I am travelling to Dominica republic and would like to know what post operative clothing i would need for support? Also I would like a recovery house... READ MORE

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