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Should I Use a Teaching Hospital to Get a Cheaper Tummy Tuck?

I want a tummy tuck so bad, i am a college student and unable to make more than minimum wage. In New York there is a place for newly graduated... READ MORE

My Husband Tore His Rectus Abdominis Muscle 8 Weeks Ago. Is Surgery the Solution?

He has been in pain since he tore the muscle. He just started physical therapy two weeks ago but hasn't seemed to help but feels worse after... READ MORE

What Are My Options? I'm A Fit, Thin Woman With Rectus Diastisis And Umbilical Hernia (photo)

I Am 5'4 1/2 " Tall, 108lbs.  I Have Had Two Children (5 and 1).  I Have a Full Rectus Diastisis from Sternum to Pubis with... READ MORE

Who Do I See to Get a Possible Incisional Hernia and Tummy Tuck Evaluated?

I am 34 years old and have had 3 c-sections. Over the past five years since my last c-section I sometimes experience a charley horse type pain along... READ MORE

Considering Getting Tummy Tuck at Post-Grad Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program in NYC, Is this the Right Route?

I am a 50yr old female considering a Tummy Tuck after 2 c-sections in my 20's my skin below my belly button is sagging. I am in fairly good... READ MORE

Anthem BCBS Approved My TT Surgery. How Do I Find a Surgeon?

I have just been approved for a Surgical Code 15830 Panniculectomy, BCBS approved the surgery very quickly.I understand that a Complete Abdominoplasty... READ MORE

Getting a Seroma Drained by Someone Other Than my Plastic Surgeon?

Had a TT in the Dominican republic because my insurance would not cover it after my 135 lb weight loss. Surgeon removed my drain after a week. I have... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or General Surgeon For A Tummy Tuck?

I am 2 years out from weight lost surgery and recently had a check up with my weight lost doctor. We discussed a tummy tuck. I recently noticed he is... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Multiple Lower Abdominal Surgeries?

After 3 small instestine surgeries and two full term preganacies I would like a tummy tuck done. I have not found any information pertaining to my... READ MORE

How Much Do Tummy Tucks Usually Cost and What are the Risks?

I'm 5'7" and 320 lb. I want to get a tummy tuck. How much does this usually cost and what kind of risks are there?Will doctors take out... READ MORE

Seroma to Lower Back After Tummy Tuck and Lipo... What Can I Do?

I am 16 days post op from a full tummy tuck, lipo, and fat transfer to the buttocks. I had some complications, ended up needing 7 units of blood.... READ MORE

Quality Plastic Surgery in Central America?

I am a US Citizen but I live in Central America at the time, and I'm thinking of having some work done. I've lost 85 lbs and would like to get a Tummy... READ MORE

What Corrective Methods Are Available to Avoid a Tummy Tuck Scar?

Should one consider the surgeon's track record on how well they minimize scarring when picking a doctor? READ MORE

Is a tummy tuck safe in the Dominican Republic? What should I be looking for in a Doctor?

I have been researching the DR after I meet someone in the grocery store that told me that's where she went. She went to Dr. Walkiris Robles. I've... READ MORE

Overseas TT?

My husband is in the army and we are stationed in Germany. I'm considering going to the Czech Republic to havea TT done. I've researched the Clinic... READ MORE

Medicare and Medicaid Plastic and General Sugery Done by Same Doctor. Recommendations Please?

I have three recommendation letters from three dotors saying it is medically necessary to get these sugerys 1. Do you'll know of any surgeons on... READ MORE

How to Choose the Best Surgeon for Tt?

How do I choose the best surgeon for a full TT. Am from uk what sort of qualifications experience ect, should I look for. READ MORE

Can I Travel out of State to Have my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I previously asked a question on how long I had to wait to have a tummy tuck after my fourth c-section in September 2012 and I had positive feedback... READ MORE

What Are the Most Important Criteria when Picking a Plastic Surgeon for a Tummy Tuck?

I am a 41 year old whose stomach has begun to sag, from weightloss originally but it has only gotten worse after childbirth. I'm researching... READ MORE

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