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At How Many Cc's Will Drain Be Removed After Tummy Tuck?

At how many cc's will drain be removed after tummy tuck? After drain (s) is removed, where will the fluid go? READ MORE

Why do Tummy Tucks/lipo performed in Dominican Republic appear more sculpted than the same surgery performed in the US?

Are DR doctors able to take out more fat than doctors in the US? Are US doctors limited in the cc amount while DR doctors aren't? READ MORE

How Much Should I Weigh if I Want 1500cc's - 2000ccs in Each Cheek Butt Augmentation Bbl Tummy Tuck Lipo Fat Grafting? (photo)

I am seriously considering a tummy tuck or a lipo but I am very interested in a BBL. I am 5'1 170 pounds. I am interested in having 1500cc - 2000cc in... READ MORE

How Many CCs to Get?

I am getting a TT and BA on August 5. I am 5'5" and weigh 130lbs. I think I am a really deflated 34b and would like to be a 34c. I am getting silicone... READ MORE

When you have a persistent seroma after tummy tuck at what point is surgery needed & what are chances of it reoccurring? (photo)

8 weeks out of tummy tuck, 5'11 175lb, had drains after, one pulled at 3 weeks and next 6 weeks. Persist seroma needle aspirated 4 times in last 2... READ MORE

How much cc would I need to get this result and projection? (photos)

Do I have enough fat to get this result. I'm 153 lbs and I'm like 30% body fat. Bmi is like 23. I'm 5 9". I want to know if I can get this look on my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for BBL and TT? (photos)

1) Am I a good candidate for BBL and TT? 2) Would I need a traditional tt, extended or belt tt? 3) How many cc could I get transferred with the BBL? READ MORE

How many cc's of fat can legally be removed in Alabama?

I'm considering having tummy tuck done in Alabama with liposuction to my back. Just wanted to know how much can be removed? READ MORE

What is the difference in procedure and recovery between mini TT and full TT?

Im considering TT so want to get idea of diffeences between full and "mini" as to what portion of abdomen is involved and amount of recovery, as well... READ MORE

Please help me determine if I'm ready to remove my drains from my Tummy Tuck I would like a second opinion on what to do please

Today marks 22 days that I had my tummy tuck and I still have my drains, one is about 20cc in a 48 hours period, the other one is about 27cc in a... READ MORE

Today makes my 37th day after my tummy tuck (no lipo performed). I still have my drain in.

Some days it will be 5-10cc's and other days it could go as high as 50cc's. I'm not sure if at this point its a good idea to have my surgeon remove it... READ MORE

9 days post op and one drain came out (the drain that was draining the most cc). Will this be okay?

I am 9 days post op from tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift. I had two drains, one getting 5-10cc and one getting 25cc in 24 hour period. Today the drain... READ MORE

What can I do about excess draining 4 months after my tummy tuck? I still have a drain in due to a seroma I developed.

I'm still producing about 75cc's a day. Doc says fluid will eventually "dry up". Drain is to be taken out this Sat. to give body rest from it & see... READ MORE

Will my lower abdomen every be flat? (Photos)

I am now Three weeks and two days postOp.Since waking up i haven't seen my stomach not swollen. Especially Below the belly button above my very low... READ MORE

Could I have a Pseudobursa? (Photos)

So I'm 3 months post op tummy tuck, I'm almost certain that I have pseudobursa I was drained for seroma at least 5 times I still have a bulge above my... READ MORE

1 day post Tummy Tuck, my right drain is only draining at 25cc while the left is 100cc, right leg is also going numb. Advice?

I had a tummy tuck yesterday at and I had 2 drains put in my ne on each side, my right side drain is only draining 25cc where as my left side drain is... READ MORE

Had a tummy tuck with MR and lipo to the flanks 20 days ago (6/30/16); is this normal? (Photos)

Both drains in the groin area, still leaking fluid with fatty tissue, is this normal? Draining 25cc on left/fatty tissue & almost 50cc on... READ MORE

3 Weeks post-op Tummy Tuck and Lipo. Large seroma keeps coming back, what do I do?

My two drains were removed but the 2nd one was still draining over 80cc's a day. 3 days after removal of 2nd drain I developed are very large seroma.... READ MORE

Increase in Drainage from Tummy Tuck? 6 weeks post op.

My surgery was almost 6 weeks ago & due to fluid collection I had to get a drain reinserted. Its been 3 weeks with the drain & everything was... READ MORE

10 days post op, Is this fluid or a seroma? (Photos)

The doctor won't remove drains until 10cc. This seems crazy? Plus won't allow me to shower.  10 days post op. Will I have these drains in... READ MORE

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