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Had a TT 10 Days Ago and Still Draining Dark Red in my Drain, Should I Worry?

FULL TT without muscle tightening or liposuction 10 days ago and my drain is still draining dark red blood where 99% of the time I have to strip the... READ MORE

Recurring Hematoma 2 Weeks After Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck 12 days ago, drains was taken out 7 days post op, 2 days later, fluid started to build up, on day 10, it became extremely... READ MORE

Drains Removed, 7 Days Later I'm Still Bleeding

My Abdominoplasty was 14 days ago. 7 days after surgery my Dr removed my drains. 2 days later bleeding started from the drain sight. My Dr extracted... READ MORE

10 Days Post Tummy Tuck: Incision Line Discharging Blood and Burning

I saw my PS yesterday and he says there is no infection and it will heal over on its own. Today, the burning sensation is worse. In fact, the burning... READ MORE

Iron and B12 Levels; Will they cancel surgery if they find my levels are low/deficient?

I'm having a tummy tuck with Muscle repair done in 2 weeks in Ontario. I have a history of having low B12 and Iron levels. My pre admission... READ MORE

Bloody and Draining Navel 5 Years After Tummy Tuck

I have been having numerous infections in my navel since my tummy tuck 5 years ago. Today the navel had the strongest odor and when I checked, there... READ MORE

Still Draining Blood 5 Weeks After my Tummy Tuck, is This Normal?

I had a tummy tuck 5 weeks ago. I had my drains removed just a week and a half post op. A week after that my abdomen had swollen up like a balloon. I... READ MORE

Scabs on incision line after 31 day's post op Tummy Tuck. Is this normal?

Is this normal?  I have a few spots that have scabs on my incision line.  One of them....Directly below my belly button (where I'm swollen... READ MORE

Bromelain Before Tummy Tuck - Is It a Blood Thinner?

I am curious if it is safe to take Bromelain (500mg) a few days before abdominoplasty and then after. Some people have posted it is a blood thinner... READ MORE

12 days Post Tummy Tuck with excessive blood loss. Today I discovered worm like segments in my JP. What are they? (photos)

12 days post tummy tuck with lipo, lost 2 L of bright red blood after surgery, VS stable, been using compression hoping the bleed stops. Left JP still... READ MORE

Belly Button Blood Scalp Hanging from White String? (photo)

Had a TT with a hernia repair on my belly button 6 weeks ago, I have a blood scalp on my belly button hanging from a white string. Still draining... READ MORE

Swelling and bruising on inner thighs after tummy tuck, no liposuction performed. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation 7 days ago. No liposuction. I still have drains in my breasts and stomach (4 total). Tonight I accidentally... READ MORE

Is It Normal After a TT W/lipo to Pass Black Blood After Menses for Weeks?

I am now 5 weeks PO. My menses came and gone, but I keep passing black blood. It is coming and going daily. Is this normal after TT/w lipo? READ MORE

Is This Blood Under my Skin After Tummy Tuck??? (photo)

I am 4 days post op and I am worried about the appearance of my skin above my incision and below my belly button. My PS says this is normal, but it... READ MORE

Could Ultracet Act As a Blood Thinner and Aid in Bleeding out Post Surgery? (photo)

I had a Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair and Umbilical hernia repair Feb 14,2011. Hours after my surgery blood started filling mu abdomen and coming out... READ MORE

Wound dehiscence, what should I do? (photos)

26 days post op. I was cleaning my incision When It opened! Now with serosanguinous to bright red bloody. It has been increasing the last few days... READ MORE

Is my (black encrusted) belly button normal for just over a week post op? (Photo)

My belly button is black encrusted and I can't tell if its blood/sutures and my fear is it's necrosis. I'm hoping this isn't because my cg is too tight. READ MORE

9 Days After TT & Buttlift, Draining 110 Ml of Dark Color Blood, No Smell, Normal?

Hello I'm 40 year old male that underwent abdominoplasty and buttlift in one operation due to massive weightloss. Recovery has gone generally well... READ MORE

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