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I Am Considering an Avelar Tummy Tuck and Would Like to Know if I Am a Good Canidate?

I am 27, 5'7", 160lbs, size 12ish and have lost around 60lbs and kept it off for two years. Though, as you can see I still have loose skin... READ MORE

Is the Muscles Tightened in a Tummy Tuck Using the Avelar Method?

Is the Avelar method the same as lipo-assisted adominoplasty?  After having six children, I was not able to get all the fat removed from my tummy... READ MORE

Anesthesia for Avelar or Tumescent Tummy Tuck?

The "Avelar" or "Tumescent" Tummy Tuck is getting a lot of attention these days as a procedure carried out under local anesthesia... READ MORE

How to Determine Eligibility for Avelar Tummy Tuck?

I am wanting to get a full tummy tuck as well as a liposuction. I am wondering, am I a good candidate for Avelar Tummy Tuck? I workout and have a good... READ MORE

Is avelar Tummy Tuck safe? What's the difference between avelar and regular tummy tuck ? Would it help me get a flat belly?

I went to nubody concepts to get aqualipo but the doctor toll me that it would not help because I have loose skin he said I'm perfect for the awake... READ MORE

Avelor Procedure for Tummy Tuck?

I'm considering a Tummy Tuck, and the Avelar method is very appealing, since I have two young children and it's supposed to be safer with much quicker... READ MORE

Is There a Difference in the Scaring from a Avelar Vs Traditional Tummy Tuck?

From what I research here most doctors disaprove of the avelar and recommend the full tummy tuck. I'm curious if there really is any difference... READ MORE

Does the Avelar Tummy Tuck Use Drains?

Does the Avelar Tummy Tuck procedure use drains or not? Also what liposuction method (Smart, Bodyjet, Vasser etc) are doctors finding is most effective? READ MORE

In a Previous Post a Doctor Said, Beware the "Franchise" Procedures, Procedures Given a Fancy Name" Please Give Examples?

I'm 5'7"; 147 lbs; age 54. I'm looking to have a tummy tuck done and I'm in the process of interviewing surgeons. I met with a plastic surgeon today... READ MORE

What procedure will fix my belly? Do not want a full tummy tuck. (Photo)

After 2 babies this is what I look like I'm 25 and weigh 116 flat my normal weight I want to have a flat tummy again not this wrinkled embarrassing... READ MORE

What is the difference between an avelar Tummy Tuck versus the standard?

Who qualifies for avelar and which one is preferred? Does one give better results? READ MORE

Questions about the upper Tummy, can't do Lipo? Thank you

After reading your opinions, I read that it is not safe to Lipo the upper part of the stomach because of cutting off blood supply. My problem is, my... READ MORE

What visual difference is there between the abdominoplasty with plication vs not doing a plication?

I am looking at having an awake avelar abdominoplasty. With this procedure no muscle plication is performed. I was just wondering if that makes a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for an avelar tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had tumescent liposuction on May 15, 2015 on my lower abdomen and bra area. I'm happy with the fat removal...however my skin seems more loose than... READ MORE

How much is too much time in OR under sedation? Is risk of complications/death increased with longer surgery?

This will be my 2nd cosmetic Surgery. The first was an upper body lift, and now im doing a lower. I will be having an Avelar TT, Lipo on Flanks, back,... READ MORE

Any suggestion between a regular and Avelar tummy tuck. Problems twice out of my last 4 surgeries with general anesthesia.

I have had problems with general anesthesia with recent general surgeries. "Chipped teeth permanently numb lip and breathing difficulties post surgery... READ MORE

In the avelar tummy tuck can the abdominal muscles be repaired? Is it better than the traditional? Same recovery time?

I am planning to have a tummy tuck, I am skinny but my tummy is big like if I had several months pregnant, due to skin from pregnancy 23 years ago,... READ MORE

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