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Can an Injectible Adhesive Help Alleviate a Seroma from Tummy Tuck?

My tummy tuck was 9 months ago and a seroma began forming immediately after despite wearing a compression garment. Drains had been intstalled... READ MORE

Is it common to use internal adhesive during a tummy tuck?

I watched a YouTube video where Dr. Michael Kelly (Miami) is performing a TT and noticed he used internal adhesive called Fibrin Glue. Is this... READ MORE

4 days post op of Tummy Tuck, I noticed there are blisters along the adhesive part of the bandaid. Should I be worry? (photo)

I am 4 days post-op from a TT with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks. I have a bandaid (pictured) on the back of my right side or flank below the... READ MORE

With tt do most dr use a pain pump & the adhesive spray that helps with clotting and making the things stick (muscle& stomach)?

Https:// This is the link from YouTube Dr. Kelly- Miami Plastic Surgery, the video is 1 of the best tummy tuck procedures I have... READ MORE

I'm allergic to all types of adhesive and I have an upcoming Tummy Tuck. What are my options?

All adhesives create a crazy tight bond with my skin. It's like they become one. So removing anything usually removes quite a bit of skin unless I... READ MORE

What scar kit actually works and approximately how long does it take? I don't want to waste any more money. (photo)

My ps recommended a scar kit (can't remember the name but I said I'd come back another time and pay the $200 for it) for my tummy tuck scar and belly... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck almost three weeks ago and when my doctor removed the bandages today I had all these open sores? (Photos)

He says it's an allergic reaction to the adhesive he used to hold my bandages in place and that there's no sign of infection.. but it looks infected... READ MORE

17 days post-op and I have bad swelling mainly on my left side above the incision. Normal or from the adhesive reaction? (Photo)

Surgeon noticed a severe allergic reaction to the tape 6 days post tummy tuck when she removed the tape. I've been swollen and red since. The redness... READ MORE

7 days postop JP output still 100ml per day and reaction/blistering to some adhesive used, is it normal? (Photo)

I'm 7 days postop and my JP is still putting out over 100ml per day. I also had a pretty bad dermatitis reaction including blistering. I am allergic... READ MORE

Medical tape adhesive? (Photo)

How can I remove all the adhesive from the medical tape my incision area? My incision still feels very tender. READ MORE

Day 12 post-op TT- skin irritation and blistering from bandages. Best treatment?

I had my post op bandages removed today. They stayed intact from surgical date until day 10 post op when right side seal broke and so moisture entered... READ MORE

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