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When Can I Go Back to Work After a Tummy Tuck?

I am 35 years old and intend to get a tummy tuck. When can I go back to work? How long and why do I have to wear a compression garment after the surgery? READ MORE

Activities to Avoid After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I had a full tummy tuck 12 days ago and I'm wondering what activities to avoid and how long ... As well I cannot stand straight yet is this normal?... READ MORE

How long does the internal healing process take?

How long does it take for the muscle repair to heal internally and the incision to be perfectly healed inside out after a tummy tuck . Is it true that... READ MORE

Climbing Stairs After Tummy Tuck

Post tummy tuck, is it possible to go on stairs following this procedure. How soon? READ MORE

Back to Work One Week Post TT?

Since my husband and I work together and carpool, and I have a desk job, is it possible I could have a tummy tuck and take just one week off of work? READ MORE

How Soon After a Tummy Tuck Can I Go on Theme Park Rides?

I'm currently 4 weeks post-op and won a trip to Disneyland & California Adventure 2 weeks from now. So at 6 weeks is it safe to get on the... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op TT, What Can I do to Slow Down Drainage?

Had tummy tuck 15 days ago, still draining 75cc a day of blood colored liquid. I have recovered nicely so I have resumed normal activity, ie, driving,... READ MORE

Activity After Tummy Tuck and Intense Zumba Dancing

Had a Circumferential Tuck 4 weeks ago. I feel pretty good. Doctor tells me I am only allowed to walk inside the house? And I can drive and do some... READ MORE

Told Not to Wear Compression Garment and Be Active After Abdominoplasty/lipo. Now Have Seroma. What is the Treatment Guideline?

My PS told me not to wear compression garment after my TT/lipo/mons. His PA told me the same and that I should be active right after my TT. He said be... READ MORE

Had to Be Opened Up Day 13 Post Op from Tummy Tuck Said I Had a Bleed Due To Too Much Activity?

I am 15 days post op from a tt (no muscle work, only skin) today. On day 8, I developed a fever & on day 9, my drains were removed due to... READ MORE

I'm Feeling Great on Day 2 Tummy Tuck Post Op? How Much Can I Do Physically Without Setting Myself Back? (photo)

I just had my abdominoplasty procedure yesterday and am really surprised by how mobile I am and how good I feel. I did not require tightening of the... READ MORE

Walking 8 Days After a Tummy Tuck Too Soon?

Yesterday I walked a little over a mile at around 3 mph. I figured that was light enough. Well, later that night my drainage turned from a peach color... READ MORE

My PS Said I Was Going to Be Able to Do Zumba 4 Weeks Post Op. Is This True?

I'm going in on Dec 3rd, for a TT and getting my muscles repaired. He said by 4 weeks I would be able to continue doing my Zumba. Is this realistic... READ MORE

Swollen, Tight, and Sore After Tummy Tuck

I had full abdominoplasty 10 weeks ago. My weight has always been 108-112lbs (have had 3 children). But I feel I still have abd swelling, if I dont... READ MORE

Will my Active Job Prevent my Tummy Tuck from Healing Properly?

After two pregnancies (and c-sections) I am planning a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and correct my separated abdominal muscles. I am a police... READ MORE

Recovery from TT/BA/BL for a Student?

I'm a student in my mid-20s who lost a lot of weight, but am healthy, muscular, and fit. I'm planning on getting a TT (without muscle... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Go to a Concert Post Tummy Tuck?

I am 1 week post op from a tummy tuck. I have concert tickets that will be on the night of exactly 3 weeks past my tummy tuck. This will also be my... READ MORE

How soon can I snow ski after abdomnioplasy?

Had my surgery Oct 17 & contemplate going end of Jan or first of Feb READ MORE

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