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Did I Ruin my Muscle Repair 3 Months Post-op Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I am 15 weeks post-op tummy tuck with an umbilical hernia and muscle repair. Tonight, I fell hard and for about 5 minutes after, I had sharp pains... READ MORE

WAVE Vibration Therapy for Weight Loss Before Tummy Tuck?

I'm scheduled for a Tummy Tuck in November but would benefit from losing 25 lbs and toning up. Plastic Surgeon encouraged me but didn't make... READ MORE

Best & Worst Case Scenario if I Dropped a Weight on my Stomach 3 Wks After Tummy Tuck?

3 weeks post op I found myself in the gym. I was working on tricep bench press, became a bit light headed and drop 170 pounds on my upper stomach. I... READ MORE

Car Accident 1 Year Following TT- Bulging, Muscle Spasms

I had a tummy tuck a year ago. Three months ago I was rear ended by a car going 55mph. Since then I've had pain and a lot of muscle spasms along... READ MORE

Can Surgery Fix Stomach Muscle Trauma?

My daughter is 23yrs old never been pregnant, had a car accident 3 years ago, wore a lap seat belt as passenger in back seat. seat belt saved her life... READ MORE

How Fragile Am I After Having a Tummy Tuck?

I fell on my butt pretty hard yesterday and could feel my abdominals get jolted and strain when I landed. My midsection seems more swollen after that.... READ MORE

Can a Car Accident with Direct Impact of my Stomach and Breast to the Steering Wheel and Seat Belt Effect my TT and BL?

1mth 2 dys po involved in accident. Stomach & chest were slammed into steering wheel and jolted backed by the seatbelt, no air bag. stomach is... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Tummy Tuck in Texas

I live in san antonio tx and i have had 7 children and i am on a diest now im 48 and was also in a major car wreck in 2009 and gained a lot of wieght... READ MORE

I'm 30, Slightly Overweight, Cant Lose Pregnancy Weight. In Last 6 Months I've Lost 32 Lbs. Candidate for TT?

I'm 5'6" long torso muscular. Was in horrific auto accident, I'm limited physically, can't stand, walk, or sit long, severe trauma injury to entire... READ MORE

Have I damaged my tummy tuck procedure?

One week ago had a full tummy tuck. Went to a funeral today and was walking and standing a lot. I also banged into a wall quite hard. I now feel... READ MORE

Need to Close Stomach Muscles After Surgery From Major Accident?

I met up In a major accIdent and I tore my intestine so my surgeon loosened my stomach muscles and their was skin graft done on My stomach because I... READ MORE

I have a lump above my belly button. I fell and it hurts when I eat and painful when I stretch my stomach?

I had a car accident on 10-15-13 and I had a tummy tuck on 4-22-13 I HAD A CAR ACCIDENT ON 10-15-13 AND I HAD A TUMMY TUCK ON 4/22/1 READ MORE

How can you get a periumbilical hernia from abdominoplasty surgery?

I was in a car accident July 7, 2013 and was diagnosed with a periumbilical hernia in mid September. I had my abdominoplasty late December 2012. I was... READ MORE

Tummy tuck after car accident?

Hello, a 32 year old woman.I was involved in a very serious accident almost 2 months ago.i had internal bleeding so my stomach was cut open all the... READ MORE

Can my tummy be fixed? (Photo)

I was involved in a car accident and I had to have a splenectomy. The doctors left my stomach open and I naturally healed. Now I have this hideous... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a tummy tuck after hip surgery due to a serious car accident? (Photo)

Just recently been involved in a serious car accident where I fractured my ace tabular and had to have an open reduction internal fixation to repair... READ MORE

Is it safe to go forward and have my surgery?

I was in a car accident 10/22 and am scheduled for a Tummy tuck 12/11/14. I have no broken bones just sore knees and feet. READ MORE

I was in a mva 3 years ago and was misdiagnosed. Now I have found out I have torn abdominal muscles.

Can torn abdominal muscles be reattached. I was told by a general surgeon there was nothing he could do that there would be too much scare tissue.... READ MORE

What test should I do to determine if my muscle repair was undone ? ... Contrast CT SCAN or a MRI (photos)

1 year post op TT and MR ,I've healed nicely with NO COMPLICATIONS, Then February 2016 I was in a car accident , they did a contrast CT SCAN,SCAN my... READ MORE

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