Timing + Tummy Tuck Revision

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When Would Tummy Tuck Revision Be Impossible?

It's been 7 months since my full tummy tuck w/ lipo on flanks. Very happy with results except for a few complaints. My tummy tuck scar, belly... READ MORE

More Lipo 6 Months Post TT? (photo)

Hi I had full Tt 6 months ago and my tummy was never truly flat... So now I am going for some more lipo in the next two weeks... My question is would... READ MORE

Is 9 Weeks Too Early to Have a Revision on a Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I recently had a mini tummy tuck, lipo of abdomen,flanks, inner/outer thighs, and upper arms. At my 5 week post-op Dr. said I needed a revision. More... READ MORE

I'd like to know the procedure for a Tummy Tuck revision? (photos)

How many visits ( since I'm out of tower have to fly in) how much down time? Is the pain as bad as the original tt? Will I be put to sleep for it? How... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Another Tummy Tuck Less Than a Year After the First?

Is another tummy tuck possible? I had 12-1-11/TT & hernia repair.I had belly button trouble(drainage,not closing)since.In May,some braided green... READ MORE

So disappointed with results. What would a revision involve and when could it be done? (Photo)

This is my 2nd abdomnioplasty after I had 3 more children after 1st. I was told I could have a vertical or horizontal incision but was not told I... READ MORE

3 months post Tummy Tuck, do I need a revision? (Photo)

Had severe Diastasis prior to surg. I am 3 months out of my surg and notice that from the bottom of my belly button up to my ribs sticks out like I... READ MORE

How long do you have to wait to get a revision of a tummy tuck. It's been six months? (Photo)

It's been six months since a had a tummy tuck I am not happy with my results. When is a good time to get a revision? Yes I do diet and exercise and I... READ MORE

2nd opinion/ Revison. Is it too soon to see a plastic surgeon? (Photo)

Is it too soon to see a plastic surgeon about getting a revison or taking care of this problem? And are there any in the Atlanta area willing to give... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision timing?

If a tummy tuck needs a revision, is it safe to have this done 3-4 months after the original procedure? I'm still early on but both my Doctor and his... READ MORE

I want to get a revision abdominoplasty, and I also want to get a BBL. For best results, which should I get done first?

I want a revision abdominoplasty because I have an upside down "T" scar; my stomach is lumpy; and I get severe muscle cramps when I exert my ab... READ MORE

What would a revision procedure involve after full TT procedure? (photo)

Ithree months post op tt and lipo flanks.whats involved in a revision and how long is the recovery have a pouch left side above incision that has not... READ MORE

Smoking before surgery. Do I need more time to stop smoking? (Photo)

I want to know if I will be ok to get a revision if I smoke 2 week Before surgery or do I need more time to stop smoking READ MORE

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