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How to Fix Bad Tummy Tuck Result? (photo)

I thought I was getting a complete TT. Woke from surgery with what looks like a mini with a long scar. Doctor did lower muscle repair.I had 3 old... READ MORE

10 Week Post Op and Still Unsure About Result

FTT done 4/11 (by board certified dr). Also lipo to abs, hips, flanks. Prior to surgery I had uneven results from lipo work by non cert dr. That being... READ MORE

Please Help Me with What Do I Do About This 1 Inch Thick Tummy Tuck Scar? (photo)

Had a tummy tuck on 10/18/10 and a revision to the tummy tuck to lower the scar on 4/4/11. Wanted to wear a low rise bikini bottom as I told doc all... READ MORE

Full Tt W/ Muscle Repair - Problem with Vertical Scar and Bulging Above Scar?

6/12 months since my full tt w/ muscle repair. The scar tissue underneath the old belly button vertical scar has attached to the underlying muscle,... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Dimples Above Belly Button After Lipo?

In 2009 I had a mini tummy tuck because my problem area was loose skin and fat in the lower abdomen. My upper abdomen looked fine. But after the mini... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Revision: Will Mesh Help?

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair over a year ago. My tummy still measures the same if not more than it did preop! I haven't gained... READ MORE

Options for Revision After Full Tummy Tuck

What was supposed to be tightly pulled skin with possibility of low t-scar became this: lax skin and high scar. I will need help to fix this - what... READ MORE

Belly button shrinking after tummy tuck. The same thing happened after revision. Why is this happening? What should I do now?

I had a TT Apr 2013 and my belly button shrunk so small I couldn't even fit a q-tip in it. My surgeon did a revision Apr 2014 and it is the same thing... READ MORE

Would Muscle Repair Be Considered a Revision if It Wasnt Done During The First Surgery? (photo)

Since I found out my dr didnt do a muscle repair, could having him do a mr be considered a revision? I paid for a full abdominalplasty and signed his... READ MORE

Options For Stretch Marks 6 Years After Abdominoplasty (photo)

I had an abominoplasty approximately 6 years ago. A couple of months ago I noticed new stretch marks(as seen on pictures). I am going to see an... READ MORE

Can I Have a Second Tummy Tuck After Hysterectomy?

5 yrs. ago I had a TT and then #yrs after that unfortunately i had a hysterectomy where they had to cut thru my scar because my ovaries where imbedded... READ MORE

Second Revision of Umbilicus Was Unsuccessful... Looking for Treatment Options (photo)

I just underwent revision #2 to my BB(I had full TT in Nov 2010) I have no subcutaneous fat in my abdomen and my PS has not been able to achieve any... READ MORE

I have a pooch below my belly button after surgery. My surgeon floated my belly button. What can I do now? (Photo)

I had full diastasis repair, umbilical hernia repair with what was supposed to be a full tuck in Feb to get rid of excess skin. I am 52, work out... READ MORE

Revision TT 3 Weeks Ago. I Have Pain, Throbs, Aches?

I had a revision tummy tuck on 05/03/2012. I didn't have any muscle work done, just revision of the scar and cleaning out of a previous infection. I... READ MORE

So disappointed with results. What would a revision involve and when could it be done? (Photo)

This is my 2nd abdomnioplasty after I had 3 more children after 1st. I was told I could have a vertical or horizontal incision but was not told I... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision needed? (Photo)

I had a full tt and breast lift 6 months ago. I'm unhappy with my scar line/excess bulge in my upper abdomen. I feel my abdomen is not as tight/flat... READ MORE

How soon can I have a revision surgery and what is best? Is another full TT or a reverse TT best? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post full TT. I'm not happy. My surgeon says it's swelling but even with lymph drainage massage it hasn't gone down much. I honestly feel... READ MORE

I have "flaps" of skin on both sides of the incision. What kind of procedure could fix this and how much would it cost?

I have "chuncks or flaps" of skin on either side of the incision (both hip areas). The plastic surgeon said this was normal. It is due to the fact... READ MORE

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