Incision + Tummy Tuck Revision

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dirty/smelly steri-strips: can I replace them?

I had a revision surgery for my tummy tuck to extend the incision to remove the loose skin on my flanks as well as some lipo. Im PO week 3 and the... READ MORE

Dissatisfied with my TT Results- Why is It a Problem to Extend my Incision?

I am currently 1.5 yrs post op from having a Tummy tuck. My plastic surgeon although very kind and highly qualified was very conservative with my... READ MORE

Recently had TT Revision to Lower Scarline and Remove Dog Ears, the scarline is higher, are these final results? (photo)

Had surgery 1.5 years ago that left me with "Dog Ears" and slightly higher scar ends on both sides. I recently had surgery to remove the dog ears and... READ MORE

Will The Same Technique for Tummy Tuck Revision as The First Procedure?

If the original tummy tuck was done through the Belly Button, then will it be done through the belly button again? If the weight is regained and lost... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision???? Please help! (photos)

I had a full tummy tuck w MR 3 1/12 years ago and always wondered if the results were the best they could be. I always felt like I needed an... READ MORE

I have "flaps" of skin on both sides of the incision. What kind of procedure could fix this and how much would it cost?

I have "chuncks or flaps" of skin on either side of the incision (both hip areas). The plastic surgeon said this was normal. It is due to the fact... READ MORE

Creased/pleated tummy tuck scar. (photo)

I'm a little concerned with the pleated/creased appearance of my incision. My surgeon says that it should flatten or smooth out as it heals but I... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision? (Photo)

Hi I had a full tummy tuck and liposuction and muscle repair almost a year now But I'm not satisfied with my result I still have a bulge above my... READ MORE

5 months post op - developed a shelf right above my incision that makes my stomach pooch out. Do I need a revision? (photo)

I was flat at 8 weeks and then started to develop this pooch and fat. I have not gained any weight but I still swell in my lower abdomen at the end of... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a compression garment after a TT revision surgery? Is there a benefit to wearing / not wearing a CG? (photo)

I am having a tt revision (Aug 11/15) following the original tt one year ago. My PS plans on reopening about 6-8 inches of the original incision,... READ MORE

6 months post-op. Revision needed? (Photos)

The left side of my incision pulled up not long after surgery leaving that side with a rolled up appearance. It hasn't relaxed much in six months. It... READ MORE

How can I prevent MRSA happening during a tummy tuck revision? (Photo)

I have MRSA about a year ago when I had a tummy tuck. I had to take several medications/pack it with sterile string for the infection/pus to leave my... READ MORE

Pooch over tummy tuck incision 1 yr later (Photos)

Hello! I had my tummy tuck done a year ago and overall I love my results. My doctor did a beautiful job. i do plan on booking a consult appointment... READ MORE

Will a Tummy tuck revision help my now ugly tummy? (photos)

I had a full tt with Mr April 2015. Due to blisters it took 6 mths for the incision to heal. Now I'm left with this. I've consulted my ps for the... READ MORE

Can I get a revision? (Photo)

My incision goes very high up on the sides, especially my right side. I asked my doctor if he could lower it.... His answer was "No". He told me I... READ MORE

Is it ok to have fluid retention above incision and be on your feet for long periods of time after revision of TT? (photo)

I have retention of fluid above my incision & when I touch it,reminds me of a water bed.It was a revision so I have no drainage bulb.I'm also paranoid... READ MORE

Suggested tummy tuck revision? (photos)

I received a MM on May 13th. So I'm 6.3 weeks PO. The skin by my incision is pretty puffy. Will this go down? Or do you think I would need a revision?... READ MORE

TT with flank lipo and after 4 months plus but ends are not right? Do I need revisions? (photos)

Had TT and flank lipo with MR. But since 2 week time period had pleating on LT side end of incision with fibrous knot above single drain placed &... READ MORE

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