Excess Skin + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Need for a Second Tummy Tuck?

I had a full Tummy Tuck with Liposuction and hernia repair 6 weeks ago. I have left over fat and loose skin above my belly button. My plastic surgeon... READ MORE

Does It Look Like I Am a Revision Candidate? (photo)

I am 1 year post op, i am unhappy with my results, my tummy is still full and I have skin i can grab when even ever so slightly bent over. I do... READ MORE

Revision After Vertical Tummy Tuck?

5'4" and 165 lbs. 3 weeks ago I had a full tummy tuck with the additional vertical incision. I don't think my doctor removed enough... READ MORE

Will Revision Tummy Tuck Remove The Excess Skin Left Over From Previous Diastasis Recti Repair??

I am 8 weeks post op from full abdominoplasty with diastasis recti repair and umbilical hernia repair. My surgeon is surprised at the loose skin over... READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Skin to Do a Revised TT? (photo)

I had a full TT 2 1/2 years ago. I recently returned to have my dog ears removed and my surgeon said he could do a TT revision under local anesthetics... READ MORE

Had Multiple Revision for TT and Arm Lift to Remove Excess Skin, Is this Normally Necessary?

I have had a blepharoplasty, a brachioplasty and an abdominalplasty. In each case the surgeon did not take off enough skin. I had to go back twice for... READ MORE

I lost 60 kgs (132 pounds). I gad a tummy tuck done 1 year back. What procedure will be suitable now? (photos)

Tummy tuck of trunk and gynecomastia together or in phases? Doctor took care of front but not the side and back. I have dog ears and back still has... READ MORE

Are these dog ears? (photos)

Love my TT I am 2yrs post op. But my love handle area which is at the end of my scar looks awkward almost like maybe the incision should've extended... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision, do I need a full revision or just lipo? (Photo)

I got a lower body lift almost 6 months ago. Noticing asymmetry and fullness on the left side. It looks and feels like excess skin and fat. How would... READ MORE

After a Tummy tuck and a body lift, I have loose skin in my abdomen. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have six months since I had surgery on liposuction and body lift I'm not satisfied with the results of my abdomen I think is excess skin that needed... READ MORE

Second opinion. How do I fix this? (photos)

Hello. I have my second opinion with another plastic surgeon this upcoming Thursday. It has been a year since my full TT, lipo and scar revision... READ MORE

What would be the best tummy tuck procedure for me? (Photo)

Already had a full TT after my first child. The NHS will only fund a muscle repair on my abdomen, the surgeon would only remove the excess skin by... READ MORE

11 week pos top abdominoplasty, swelling still in lower abdomen only. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair 8/14 and a revision with more muscle repair 11/14. My lower abdomen is bigger than the top above my... READ MORE

4 months post-op. Is there still any hope that my tummy tuck revision scar will lower? (photo)

Unhappy with how high my scar is. Hard to hide under any low cut bikini which was a number one concerned for me, I also discussed this with my dr... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a full belly tuck after you already had a mini belly tuck? (photos)

I had a mini belly tuck 6 years ago few months after my 2nd pregnancy. I am not happy with the result. There is still more skin and stretch marks...... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

Its been over one year since i did my "mini" tummy tuck. My Surgeon made the insicion so low that my pubic area has been affected. I have talked to... READ MORE

Had revision full tummy tuck Jan 2014. Will lower back side lift help me? (Photo)

I'm struggling with the excessive amounts of skin remaining after going through not one but 2 full tummy tucks one nov 2012 the (revision Jan 2014 new... READ MORE

Do you think I'll need a second revision? After a full tummy tuck with lipo is it possible to pull skin from the sides? (Photos)

I'm 39 yrs old I have 3 kids all cs and it's been 4 months of full tummy tuck with lipo. Ever since my surgery I've been very swollen especially from... READ MORE

What excess skin removal surgery do I need? Had a fleur de lis TT 5 years ago w/ revision 3 months after. 150 lb weight loss.

I had a fdl tummy tuck 5 years ago w revision. I have a pouch of skin/fat at the top of my vertical incision that needs fixed. Is there a specific... READ MORE

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