Drains + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Post Tummy Tuck Revision

I had a FTT 7/2010. I underwent a revision on 6/10/11. My drains were removed for the original surgery 8 days post op. At which time they were putting... READ MORE

How do I have to wait for a revision abdominoplasty surgery? I possible have pseudo-bursa and stretched out skin. (photos)

Full tummy tuck with muscle repair 6/9/14. Huge amount of swelling above belly button. Kept JP drain in x 2 weeks till it got infected then aspiration... READ MORE

Swelling After a Revision of a TT Where Scar Tissue Was Removed. Internal Drain Tube Slipped?

I am 2 weeks post op from a revision of my TT I had in May. I still have my drain. which pulls around 65 cc a day. I have developed a swelling on my... READ MORE

Will my revision be as hard as the first surgery? (Photos)

I previously asked if my tummy tuck didn't hold up and most answers were yes. Since then I have had two consults. Both confirming my abdominal wall... READ MORE

How do I know if my drain is clogged? It's leaking a little near the port opening. I'm only collecting 20ml

I had a TT revision due to wound opening and chronic seroma repair. Because I had a seroma for weeks before, my PS put in another drain after the... READ MORE

Opinion for revision? (photos)

Can I look normal with smooth silhouette & flat tummy?? I know I am not thin by any means but want to look NORMAL I'm 1 1/2 YEAR po from tummy... READ MORE

TT with flank lipo and after 4 months plus but ends are not right? Do I need revisions? (photos)

Had TT and flank lipo with MR. But since 2 week time period had pleating on LT side end of incision with fibrous knot above single drain placed &... READ MORE

Are drains used when getting a TT revision and back lift?

Are drains used when getting a TT revision and back lift? READ MORE

How soon can you start exercising after a tummy tuck and liposuction?

I just got my tummy tuck revision done on September 29th,I'm 8 days out from my surgery with one drain pump still attached is it too early to take... READ MORE

How long can you safely keep JPs following a revision of an Abdominal plasty?

I had an abdominal plasty 1 year ago. I had huge abdominal seromas Interventional radiology drained the seromas every4-6 weeks for about 4-5 liters.... READ MORE

Only one drain after TT revision and seroma. Will the entire abdomen drain even if the drain is only on one side?

I had a TT w lipo 7 weeks ago. I was having leakage from holes in my TT incision due to an irritating suture on the muscle. He removed that suture,... READ MORE

What can be done to get TT revision area to not reopen at old wound site? (photos)

I had a TT 1 year ago. I had a seroma & 2 areas opened on my scar. One area went 6 in. deep; I had to pack it for many months. It left a bad scar... READ MORE

TT revision: What should I expect for with recovery time and type of recovery I will have?

I am having a TT revision 8 mo. after my first TT surgery. My dr. did a mini with muscle repair and has now determined a full should have been done (I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Revision. Any suggestions?

I have read a lot in regards to tummy tuck revisions, after drainage of a Hematoma, Penrose Drain inserted, I&D surgery with a Hemovac in place... READ MORE

One year post op lipoabdominoplasty: slight necrosis, what can be done in-office? (photo)

I had lipoabdominoplasty last July, and I am very happy overall. However, I developed minor necrosis during the days following surgery where one of... READ MORE

2 weeks post TT revision in which they found an encapsulated Seroma. Drain removed 3 days ago and now developing fluid, advice?

I am two weeks post TT revision. I had complications the first time and am terrified of developing them again. I am wearing compression 24/7. I had my... READ MORE

Preventing a senoma after a TT revision.

I had a TT revision (by my board certified dr) today. While he did this he found a large senoma and removed. I was quite sure I had one (not the... READ MORE

Third muscle repair and reattached belly button within one year. What is big hard section on my stomach? Fluid? (photo)

I am on my 3RD MR within a year. I took binder off and I have a larger upper hard abdomin. I also had my belly button reattached. What can I do to get... READ MORE

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