Diastasis Recti + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Vertical Midline Scar, Tummy Tuck Revision for Loose Skin Options? (photo)

Hi I had a full tummy tuck/diastis repair 10 months ago due to large babies, I am rather thin with a lot of remaining loose skin. when I sit down it... READ MORE

Will Revision Tummy Tuck Remove The Excess Skin Left Over From Previous Diastasis Recti Repair??

I am 8 weeks post op from full abdominoplasty with diastasis recti repair and umbilical hernia repair. My surgeon is surprised at the loose skin over... READ MORE

I have a pooch below my belly button after surgery. My surgeon floated my belly button. What can I do now? (Photo)

I had full diastasis repair, umbilical hernia repair with what was supposed to be a full tuck in Feb to get rid of excess skin. I am 52, work out... READ MORE

3 months post Tummy Tuck, do I need a revision? (Photo)

Had severe Diastasis prior to surg. I am 3 months out of my surg and notice that from the bottom of my belly button up to my ribs sticks out like I... READ MORE

I've had a mini tummy tuck and still have a huge bulge. What happened? And, what next? (photo)

I had triplets 27 mos. ago and had severe diastasis recti, w/ minimal extra skin. My plastic surgeon recommended a mini TT, with the understanding I'd... READ MORE

Would it be possible to get a second Tummy tuck?? (photos)

My Dr repaired my diastasis only through laproscopic surgery and created a "new bellybutton" but I'm displeased. I wish I could've gotten a full tummy... READ MORE

Had TT revision Oct.23, with umbilical hernia repair, diastasis recti repair, lipo of flanks, scar revision. When can I workout?

I was doing Crossfit 2 times a week and olympic lifting 4-5 days a week before my TT. When will it be safe to restart these demanding excercises... READ MORE

Will a full tummy tuck be likely to improve the look and size of my stomach? I'm 1 year post op (Photo)

After having 2 kids, I had a significant diastasis and had surgery to correct it in July 2014. I'm unhappy with my results. I can still feel a finger... READ MORE

My diastasis seems to be coming back, will it continue to get worse? Should I get a revision now or wait and see? (Photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck, diastasis and umbilical hernia repair around 6 months ago. The surgeon I went to is board certified and well known in Chicago... READ MORE

Would I be eligible for a tummy tuck for my loose skin? (photos)

I had surgery to correct my diastasis 6 months ago. The doctor performed through laparoscopic/endoscopic (I can't really remember). But he gave me a C... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck with diastasis repair and umbilical hernia repair 1 year ago. I am not happy with the results? (Photos)

I am small and athletic, 5'6 118 lbs. Things I dislike: 1) vertical scar is still thick and red 2) new belly pooch above my scar and 3) vertical scar... READ MORE

What will medicaid cover?

I had a hernia repair back in may of 2010. That has since "came apart" and needs to be done again. I saw a surgeon and found out I also have diastisis... READ MORE

Diastasis recti even after ftt should I go for revision?

I underwent a full tummy tuck with muscle repair but i still feel the separation of abdominal muscles, its been 10 weeks post surgery i also had two... READ MORE

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