Belly Button + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Tummy Tuck Revision to Fix Belly Button and Bulge?

I am 5 months post-op from Tummy Tuck, diastasis recti, and hernia repair. Not only do I look the same as I did pre-surgery, but now my belly button... READ MORE

Would a Tummy Tuck Revision Improve Results?

Three months after my tummy tuck, I'm not happy. When I stand up it's fine, but if I sit down or bend over, the skin goes over my pants. Plus... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Redo to Fix Bulge and Belly Button?

I  had an umbilicus hernia repair with mesh along with diastasis recti repair. I feel that my stomach bulges in the area of the umbilicus,... READ MORE

Is Revision Tummy Tuck Possible for Me?

I had Tummy Tuck three years ago to improve my looks and give me more confidence, but instead I feel I have allowed myself to be mutilated. My scar is... READ MORE

Average Cost of Revision Tummy Tuck?

My scar is too high. Its like a frown as opposed to a smile! You can see it through clothes (fat above scar) I can't wear bikinis. You can see it... READ MORE

How Much Would It Be To Fix My Belly Button After Hernia Repair? (Photos)

I recently had a hernia repair done in June. I had an outtie belly button my whole life and now that I have had this repair done, the surgeon did... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck After Mini Tummy Tuck? What will be done with my belly button?

I had a "mini" tummy tuck approx.3 yrs ago. My belly button was not "revised" in any way & my scar is almost from hip to hip. I do not know what was... READ MORE

Can This Horrific Tummy Tuck Be Revised? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck several years ago that lead to horrible results. I developed necrosis and my scar is devastating. I am a non smoker with a healthy... READ MORE

Second Tummy Tuck to Remove Stretch Marks Below Belly Button?

I asked a previous question about a second tummy tuck to remove stretch marks and got answers back about the stretch marks arent revisable because... READ MORE

Concerned with the Appearance of my Belly Button After Full Tummy Tuck, Revision

I had a tummy tuck back in November with a reputable Sacramento area doc. I was immediatly concerned with the look of my new belly button(flat and not... READ MORE

Will a TT Redo Fix This TT Scar and This BB Issue? (photo)

I was never happy with the positioning of this scar. It's much too high and its sticks out of every pair of underwear & bikini bottom that I have... READ MORE

Can I Do a Revision of a TT Even Though the BB Was Already Floated in a Previous TT? (photo)

Attached are some photos taken 5.5 months post a TT. I did not have a full but had something more than a mini. I am not happy with the results as I... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Revision to Rid Myself of my Old Belly Button Vertical Scar? (photo)

I recently had a tummy tuck. I have great skin laxity.. I discussed that I wanted my old belly button gone completely but woke up and have vertical... READ MORE

How will the original Tummy Tuck scar be removed during my scar revision surgery? (photo)

I am scheduled for a scar revision, extension of my scar line and liposuction of the stomach. My dr. told me he could lower my scar a little. My... READ MORE

Belly button shrinking after tummy tuck. The same thing happened after revision. Why is this happening? What should I do now?

I had a TT Apr 2013 and my belly button shrunk so small I couldn't even fit a q-tip in it. My surgeon did a revision Apr 2014 and it is the same thing... READ MORE

Would a tummy tuck revision help me? (photo)

Would a tummy tuck revision help me with tubal ligation scar a better looking belly button and those stretch marks that are left. I had my tummy tuck... READ MORE

Should I have to pay any additional costs for tummy tuck revision? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck last November. My belly button has a hypertrophic scar. It is really raised and discolored. Also, I have a crease where the skin is... READ MORE

After umbilical hernia repair, I have no belly button and a huge horizontal scar. What can I do? (photo)

I had an umbilical hernia in the top of my belly button. I asked the doctor if her could pull some of the loose skin into the incision and he said it... READ MORE

Will Distance Change Between Belly Button and Scar? (photo)

Hello, I had revision TT surgery by having the scar lowered. I measured previous to surgery that I had a distance of 2.9 inches from bottom of bb to... READ MORE

Since I Am Not Happy with my TT Results and Belly Button Shape, Will a Revision Help the Dimples and Unevenness Go Away? (photo)

If I just do a belly button revision, how long is the recovery? and is the surgery as severe as the TT? READ MORE

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