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Five Weeks After Tumescent Lipo Arms Still Uneven, Is this Likely the Final Result?

I got tumescent lipo almost five weeks ago on my arms. After removing the bandages, I could see that my left arm was a little bit bruised but the... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo Redo - Is 7 Weeks Too Soon to See Results?

Recently I have had tumescent lipo done on my abdomen. The results were a bit uneven and my doctor offered to fix them for me free of charge. About 7... READ MORE

6 Months Post Tumescent Lipo?

First a little back story. I lost 100lbs several years ago and have kept it off, but still had excess skin. I was told that Tumescent Lipo would help... READ MORE

Is Lumpiness Normal 2 Weeks After Liposuction?

Is it normal to be this lumpy and uneven 2 weeks after tumescent liposuction? READ MORE

Do I Need Another Round of Liposuction? (photo)

Had tumescent lipo 10 months ago....I asked this question earlier but forgot to include pics. Super falt day of and now muffin top is back and have... READ MORE

Need Lipo Advice 12 Years After Having Ultrasound-assisted, Tumescent-technique? (photo)

I had lipo of the lower abdomen done over 12 years ago. I have loose skin, unevenness, fluid build-up, and hardened scar tissue beneath my... READ MORE

Uneven 6 weeks after liposuction. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had tumes liposuction 6 weeks ago the first week the swelling was big, but I was flat and was fine, after I started to use the 2stage garment (... READ MORE

Why are my love handles so uneven? (Photo)

3 days post op ( tumescent lipo) and my love handles are very uneven. I emailed the doctor who did my procedure and she said that its normal. My only... READ MORE

Should I Get a Touch Up Procedure and What Are Possible Risks/complications? (photo)

I had tumescent lipo 9 months ago. My stomach looks uneven. it seems that the doc missed a large portion on the left side, and it just looks weird. Is... READ MORE

I got tumescent Liposuction on flanks abdomen inner thighs 5 months ago and I have lumps unevenness. Will this go away? (Photo)

My inner thighs have this indent they didn't have before and my stomach is really bumpy and filled with firm lumps. READ MORE

Uneven tumescent stomach lipo for breast fat craft 7 m ago. Due to laxity or aggressive lipo? Likelihood of successful revision?

Liposuction: stomach+flanks. Doctor said that due to skin laxity the result may be uneven, then chose to leave saddlebags for second fat craft. Second... READ MORE

6 month check up and nurse advised me to tell Dr I am asymmetrical and have too much fat left on my belly. Any suggestion?

March 2014 I had trumecent lipo on upper/lower abs and back area at 3 month check up I advised that my belly and waist was uneven and that it appeared... READ MORE

Is it normal to have uneven skin 4 weeks post-tumescent liposuction of flanks? How can I fix this?

When I am standing up straight and/or leaning forward slightly, my skin is smooth. If I bend backwards slightly it will become a little lumpy. It also... READ MORE

Uneven lower abdomen after tumescent abdominal lipo. Is this swelling or just extra fat that wasn't properly suctioned?

I had abdominal lipo to my belly and flanks 3 days ago (i know it's too soon to see the full prognosis) but I have a concern. Everything above my... READ MORE

Tumescent submental lipo 7 months ago and 12 sessions post-op Venus Freeze lower face and neck w/ almost no results. (photos)

I'm overweight (but my double chin has always been disproportionet to my weight) so I'm not expecting perfection, but a much improved profile. Not... READ MORE

What procedure would smooth and tighten my belly after having tumescent abdominal lipo that resulted in an uneven texture?

Had tumescent lipo on stomach 10 years go, i gained about 5 pounds and it has come back bumpy and has a cellulite appearance. I want to fix it such... READ MORE

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