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Liposuction and Body Contouring- What Is the Difference Between Regular and Tumescent?

I'm considering having liposuction done on my abdomen and thighs. One clinic boasts of its postoperative care to help the body regain nice... READ MORE

Will Tumescent Liposuction Improve Cellulite?

Hi! I'm scheduled to have Tumescent liposuction this Thursday. I'm 41, 5'4", 122 lbs and well proportioned. My thighs have always... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo - 4 Weeks Post Op of Full Abdomen, Flanks, Inner and Outer Thighs, Barely Lost Weight?

Tumescent lipo on June 20th of the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. So I am now 1 month postop. Was a size 10ish in pants and am fitting... READ MORE

Is This Skin Dimpling/looseness 2 Weeks Postop from Liposuction Permanent?

I had liposuction about 2 weeks ago (tumescent/fluid) of my flanks and inner thighs. Im noticing on my sides that the skin appears slightly... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction and Swollen Ankle? (photo)

I'm having Tumescent lipo in my thighs in a week. I sprained my ankle 7 weeks ago. My ankle is a little swollen. Should I be concerned? Should I be... READ MORE

What would be my biggest areas to focus on for tumecent liposuction? (photo)

I am 21 years old and i have never felt good about by shape. After going to a consultation a year ago i was recommended to have my outer and inner... READ MORE

What's the cost of tumescent liposuction in NYC from a REPUTABLE surgeon?

What's the cost of tumescent liposuction for these areas: triceps, inner and outer thighs, love handles, upper and lower abdominal area? And is it... READ MORE

I Had Tumescent Lipo 3 Weeks Ago. My Inner Thighs Are Extremely Hard. How Normal?

I had tumescent lipo 3 weeks ago. I had inner, outer, banana roll, abdomen, and waste. It was completed in two surgeries three weeks apart. All in all... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo on my inner and outer thighs, and from knee area, 8 litres of fat removed. When will I see a final result?

Hi i got tumescent lipo done on my both thighs inner outer and from knee area and 8 litres of fat was removed. Its being 3.5 weeks and i dont see tht... READ MORE

How Long does recovery from tumescent Lipo take to resolve and what is meant by 'swelling' after the procedure exactly?

I plan on getting Tumescent Lipo on thighs, hips, and possibly my abs.I am quite thin but muscular to begin with but my thighs hold onto fat in my... READ MORE

Which method works better for a person with moderate cellulite on the thighs? Tumescent Liposuction or SmartLipo?

What would the price difference between the two be? Would there be a huge, noticible difference in the results of the two? I'm in my early 20's, 5'2",... READ MORE

Seroma in the sacral area after Liposuction?

I had trumecent liposuction of the outer thighs, flanks, and sacral. Also had a tummy tuck Feb 16th. Their is fluid filled in the sacral area. Dr... READ MORE

I have stiffness and reduced range of motion after Liposuction. Is this normal?

On 9 Sep I had tumescent liposcupture on my abdomen (with mild etching), flanks, inner/outer thighs and knees. I am finding it very hard to transition... READ MORE

GA for circumferential thigh lipo?

My PS told me I need a circumferential thigh lipo. He will perform tumescent with 2mm canula under GA to extract 1.5 liters of fat in about 1 hour.... READ MORE

What will happen if I do not wear my compression garment for one full day 8 days post tumescent lipo? (Photo)

I got tumescent Lipo 5 days ago on the thighs and flanks. I have minimal bruising. There are only small areas of light bruising. I am swollen and sore... READ MORE

After effects of liposuction? (Photo)

What is considered excessive swelling? I am two weeks post circumferential abdominoplasty and tumescent liposuction of the hips, thighs and knees READ MORE

Liposuction and Body Contouring - What Is the Difference Between Regular and Tumescent?

I'm considering having liposuction done on my abdomen and thighs. One clinic boasts of its postoperative care to help the body regain nice contours... READ MORE

Will my abdomen continue to shrink or is this close to my final result?

I had abd/flanks/thigh tumescent Lipo on 3-8-17. Thighs look great, swelling and pain gone. My abd, though, is thicker than the day before the... READ MORE

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