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Tumescent Liposuction Recovery

I had Tumescent Liposuction performed on my outer hips yesterday. The procedure also involved some fat transfer from the front of the thighs to the... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction Pain

How painful is Tumescent liposuction if done under general anesthesia? Is it really a lot worse than doing it with local? I'm getting it done in 3... READ MORE

Pain/Hardness 6 Weeks After Tumescent Liposuction?

I had Tumescent Lipo of the hips, abdomen, and flanks 6 weeks ago, my surgeon removed almost 5 liters of fat. I am extremely pleased with my results,... READ MORE

Doctor Told Me to Massage Lumps But It's Too Painful

Day 14: Tumescent Lipo-Abs,Flanks,Bra area. I realize my recovery is in it's infancy and lumps are normal. I took the advice from this board and... READ MORE

Under Local Anesthesia, is the Tumescent Fluid Injection Painful?

I am going to have tumescent lipo under local NOT general! So I am wanting to know if the actual injections of the tumescent fluid is painful or do... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness After Tumescent Liposuction

Everywhere I have read talks about quick painless lipo. I had lipo done at medispa, it took about 2 1/2 hours it was pretty unpleasant not really... READ MORE

Painful Tumescent Liposuction Procedure - Is This Normal?

I had a lipo procedure done 2 days ago. It was tumescent/smartlipo/PAS. I was very nervous before the procedure but kept telling myself, the dread of... READ MORE

8 Months Tumescent Lipo Post Op - Still Experiencing Pain and Swollen?

Hello! I had lipo done on my love handles, lower and upper abs, flanks, inner thighs, inner knees, and mid thighs for a breast fat grafting procedure.... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Tumescent Liposuction of Hips and Flanks: Just Now Feeling Pain

Also had full TT. I did not have much pain from the lipo until today. My hips and lower back (sides) are really sore almost like a muscle soreness. Is... READ MORE

Pain After Tumescent Liposuction Despite Being Healed

I had Tumescent liposuction on my arms on May 29, 2009. I still have a lot of pain. I am not draining anymore, and the incisions have healed nicely. ... READ MORE

How long am I supposed to drain after liposuction? (photos)

I had lipo done on my upper and lower abs 8 days ago. I did not drain for the 2,3, and 4th day. Then all of the sudden, I started pouring out sticky... READ MORE

Hard and soft lumps after 3 weeks, is this normal? How can I tell it's not a seroma? (Photo)

It has been 3 weeks and 1 day since my tumescent liposuction. The procedure was really painful and for the first 2 weeks I was bruised in the back, I... READ MORE

My doctor says I need to massage with a hand held massager post liposuction but I think it is too early and it hurts like heck?

5 days post tumlescent liposcution upper and lower abs. I still have pain. At post op visit gave me instructions to use a hand held massager for 30... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo Post Op Hot Searing Pain... Is This Normal?

I am 42 5'4" 143 lbs pre-op and am now close to 148 post op.. I feel this hot searing "fluid" around my mid-section. Worn my compression garment, and... READ MORE

How painful is the initial injections etc of tumescent fluid with tumescent liposuction?

I have been to several consultations and have elected to not undergo general anesthesia (though available, if necessary). I have a low pain tolerance... READ MORE

Does it hurt to get the tumescent fluid drained by needle, because it is trapped after a week?

I am so upset that i have to travel another 6 hours away to get tumescent fluid removed from a lower corner section of my abdomen with a needle at... READ MORE

Over 4 months post op abdominal lipo, stomach still looks terrible. I have pain and tightness. What can I do about it?

Hello. I am 4 1/2 months post op from abdominal lipo (traditional tumescent, not smartlipo). I was an ideal candidate: no kids so great skin... READ MORE

Surgery March 11, 2014 on my back upper & lower flanks & bra line. I have some pain on my left side, could it be scar tissue?

I had surgery on March 11, 2014 on my back upper & lower flanks & around the bra line ( bra rolls) and about ten days ago if I was to be looking... READ MORE

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