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Incomplete Liposuction On Inner Thighs 2 Months Post Op. How Can I Fix This? (photo)

I had tumescent liposuction on my inner thighs while under general anaesthesia.I have since read that "Liposuction of the inner thighs with the... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness After Tumescent Liposuction

Everywhere I have read talks about quick painless lipo. I had lipo done at medispa, it took about 2 1/2 hours it was pretty unpleasant not really... READ MORE

Is Tumescent Lipo A Good Choice For Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is tumescent lipo a good choice for the brazilian butt lift or should traditional lipo be used? will the fat disappear with the tumescent method? READ MORE

When Will the Hardness Dissipate? What Type of Massage is Best?

This is my now my 13th week after having Tumescent Lipo. I had a seroma that lasted about a month & a half that I had to continuously have drained... READ MORE

Best place for lymphatic drainage massage in Tampa, FL?

I had tumescent liposuction of the abdomen, hips, and flanks this past Friday in Miami. I have my follow up in Miami with my doctor this coming Friday... READ MORE

Would Tradtional Lipo Be the Same As Tumescent Lipo?

I'm having a very difficult time deciding on which Lipo procedure. My doctor gave me two prices one for Lipo ( am I to assume or how should I ask... READ MORE

What Type of Chin Liposuction Minimizes Bruising or Potential Bleeding?

Is tumescent chin liposuction a better option in terms of side effects compared to other methods? READ MORE

How can I tighten my skin after tumescent liposuction? I'm 59 years old. I had it done 3 months ago. (Photo)

What kind of treatment can help? I prefer not do tmy tuck.do u think radiofrecuency can help to tight my skin ? Or endermologie? READ MORE

4 months post op and swelling from hell. Do I need a revision or just lipo? (Photo)

I am 4 months post op and lately I have been experiencing swelling out of this world. When I was 2 months post op my tummy was no way near this huge.... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to maximize my tumescent lipo results? (Photo)

I had tumescent lipo on my back and lower abdomen about 9 weeks ago. I'm sooo happy with the amount of fat removed...but I'm still pursuing a better... READ MORE

Why would a doctor inject Klein tumnescent 500 cc and only remove 350 cc, and what are my options?

I have absolutely no results (3rd woman on this site with same doctor) so I ordered my records and the doctor infiltrated with Klein tumnescent 500... READ MORE

GA for circumferential thigh lipo?

My PS told me I need a circumferential thigh lipo. He will perform tumescent with 2mm canula under GA to extract 1.5 liters of fat in about 1 hour.... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this excess skin on my lower back so I can return to the beach? (Photo)

I had tumescent lips 5 years ago, hi def vaser 1.5 year ago, and everything in between like freezing, sonar, endomologie, etc, . Thi def vaser cured... READ MORE

What do I do? I had a tumescent lipo done on my back, flank and love handles.

It's been 7days now and I'm in pain with fluid, numbness, and some funny sensation in my back, lower abs and love handles. I wore a girdle with bone... READ MORE

Can any surgeon tell me if I was cheated out of my money? What steps can I take to do something about it? (Photo)

I did tumescent lipsouction on my abdomen , love handles, and back rolls TWICE with the say surgeon. The reason I went the second time was because I... READ MORE

Can liposuction be used to immediate weight loss for ease of exercising?

I was injured in a vehicle accident in Iraq 03 and have slowly gained weight either through medications, depression, and overall lack of caring. I... READ MORE

I got tumescent Liposuction on flanks abdomen inner thighs 5 months ago and I have lumps unevenness. Will this go away? (Photo)

My inner thighs have this indent they didn't have before and my stomach is really bumpy and filled with firm lumps. READ MORE

Is a High Lateral TT preferred for better contour over a traditional TT?

I've seen some boxy tummy tucks. How do you avoid that? Is a High Lateral preferred for better contour? READ MORE

I'm concerned about my progress, could I have received bad lipo? (Photo)

I got tumescent lipo on my abdomen and hips. I was dissapointed that I wasn't informed that because I didn't get my sides done , that I would have a... READ MORE

Getting lipo on outer thighs, what other area should be treated to improve shape? (Photo)

I have decided to undergo tumescent lipo and have consulted with a board certified Dermatologic surgeon to perform the procedure. I can only afford to... READ MORE

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