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Hardness in Abdomen After Tumescent Liposuction

I had Tumescent Liposuction 12 days ago in the upper and lower abdomen. I'm currently experiencing hardness in the whole upper and lower abdominal... READ MORE

Doctor Told Me to Massage Lumps But It's Too Painful

Day 14: Tumescent Lipo-Abs,Flanks,Bra area. I realize my recovery is in it's infancy and lumps are normal. I took the advice from this board and... READ MORE

When and How Should Massages Be Done After Tumescent Lipo to My Abdomen?

I just had water jet lipo done few days ago and was wondering when I should start massaging the area. My biggest dreads post op are uneven and dimple... READ MORE

When Will the Hardness Dissipate? What Type of Massage is Best?

This is my now my 13th week after having Tumescent Lipo. I had a seroma that lasted about a month & a half that I had to continuously have drained... READ MORE

My doctor says I need to massage with a hand held massager post liposuction but I think it is too early and it hurts like heck?

5 days post tumlescent liposcution upper and lower abs. I still have pain. At post op visit gave me instructions to use a hand held massager for 30... READ MORE

PAL with tumescent to lower abdomen. It is bumpy, hard and I have a dent. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had power assisted liposuction with tumescent to my hips and lower abdomen almost 5 weeks ago. My lower abdomen is lumpy , hard and has an indent ,... READ MORE

My main concern is the lumpy feeling and appearance of my abdomen. Is the lumpiness/ protrusion normal at this stage? (Photo)

3 months post op for tumescent lipo of my upper and lower abdomen and love handles/ flanks. I feel my abdomen looks quite lumpy. I voiced these... READ MORE

I had tumscent lipo all over my back upper/ lower flanks/ bra rolls - Swelling, itchiness, numbness, hardness. Massage?

There is still swelling, some itchiness. Numbness areas and some hard parts every doc on here says massaging those parts help. But the back is hard to... READ MORE

Soft large lump after liposuction on abdomen. What should I do? (photos)

It has been 2 months and 2 weeks since my tumescent liposuction procedure on belly and back and i have this huge soft lump that doesn't go away not... READ MORE

Will my abdomen continue to shrink or is this close to my final result?

I had abd/flanks/thigh tumescent Lipo on 3-8-17. Thighs look great, swelling and pain gone. My abd, though, is thicker than the day before the... READ MORE

4 weeks post tumescent Liposuction, do I have a Seroma in my belly button area or is this normal? (photos)

The drain right above my bb drained liquid first 2 days. I had a total of 6 massages where I was "manually drained" then I had 8 more that only... READ MORE

23 Days Post-Op Tumescent Liposuction of Neck. 29 Years Old. Ideal BMI. Will I see more results? (photos)

My experience in general was wonderful. Procedure completed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 3 access points made: behind the ears and underneath... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about the bump on my lower abs after Tumescent Liposuction 18 day ago? (photos)

My PS told me that it will go away with massages, drinking lots of water, and time, but I felt dismissed. The bump wasn't there when I initially got... READ MORE

Can excess fluid be drained and tissue be massaged to look less irregular after 6 months post abdominal tumescent lipo? (Photo)

There is excess fluid in some areas around my abdomen and some tissue as well contributing to the irregular creasing around my belly button. My... READ MORE

What do you think of my full tummy tuck results? And will be stomach flatten out completely? (photos)

 6 days post op. Here is my before with tight fitting jeans and afters on day 6 after surgery. I have lumpiness in my stomach and i know that im... READ MORE

Painful to the touch with hardening of the skin after having Tumescent Liposuction.

After having a c-section years ago, the scar was dividing showing the lower and upper lower abdomen with a fluffy look. I had the c section scar... READ MORE

Post-Liposuction massage not helping swelling, am I doing enough?

I had tumescent liposuction in late June and am still swollen, particularly in my calves where the most extensive work was done. I was unable to get... READ MORE

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