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Tumescent Liposuction or Smart Lipo for Jowls?

I have always had a round face with chubby checks that are now turning into jowls. Would Smart Lipo or Tumescent Liposuction work for my jowls... READ MORE

Tumescant Liposuction of Breasts Leave Sagging Skin?

Hi there, i have not had any babies yet, so i don't want to risk having breast reduction surgery, which may affect my ability to breast feed. I... READ MORE

6 Day Post Op -- Large Volume Lipo- Heavy Swelling/Bruising on Pannus + Pubic Normal? (Photo)

~3.5L of Fat removed via lipo from upper/lower abdomen, pannus+pubic. Pannus+pubic is purple/black very hot and painful. Pannus has hard area across... READ MORE

Hardness and Lumps 2 Months After Tumescent Liposuction

Its been 2 months since my tumescent liposuction e on my abdomen, breasts and flanks and most of the swelling and lumpiness has subsides except for... READ MORE

Will Tumescent Liposuction Improve Cellulite?

Hi! I'm scheduled to have Tumescent liposuction this Thursday. I'm 41, 5'4", 122 lbs and well proportioned. My thighs have always... READ MORE

Am I Good Candidate for Liposuction? (photo)

I'm a 20 yr old woman I've had one c-section. I'm 5'6 150lbs I've lost 15lbs dieting & exercising but I cannot get rid of this... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Skin Excision Post Liposuction (photo)?

I had tumescent lipo to the upper/lower abs, back, hips, flanks and inner/outer thighs about 10 weeks ago with fantastic results (4500 ccs removed).... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction Hasn't Made a Difference

How Many Liters Could Be Expected to Be Removed from Love Handles & Upper & Lower Abdomen on a 29-year Old, 171 Cm, 70kg Woman? Including... READ MORE

How Important is American Board of Plastic Surgery Certification for Tumescent Liposculpture?

I am considering tumescent laser liposculpture. The doctor I am considering is certified by American Board of Laser Surgery (not plastic surgery) and... READ MORE

Should I have had a Tummy Tuck instead of Tumescent Liposuction? (photos)

One month ago I had a tumescent liposuction, in total 2300l have been removed from my belly, back and weist, but I was expecting a more dramatic... READ MORE

50 year old female with questions on tumescent laser liposuction on upper/lower abs and flanks?

50 year old Hispanic female-188 lbs at 5'5" BMI = 31. 1 child by C-section 21 years ago. Been told my skin, scar and fat areas are "in good shape" or... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction - I'm 39 years old mom, 2 kids. 5'0" & 108 lbs. (photo)

I'm 39 years old mom, 2 kids. 5'0" & 108 lbs. I've been thinking about having a tumescent lipo for some time now. My body is pear shaped. Most concern... READ MORE

Why do I not see any difference after my liposuction?

27yr female, 5'3 @ 135 weight & have always had extra fat around my stomach, never been thin. I had back flanks abs & outer thighs over 2 weeks ago by... READ MORE

What is this lump by my hipbone after tumescent lipo? It started squishy and now it has hardened to feel like muscle. (photo)

It formed at 2 weeks out, and I am now 1 month post procedure. I asked my PS and he brushed me off and said it was normal. I don't feel it's normal.... READ MORE

Good candidate for liposuction?

I am a 27yrs old female, and a proud mom of a 3 months old baby boy. I want to get liposuction done for D&E resistant huge saddlebags. Weight... READ MORE

51 year old lady. I had tumescent microlipo to my chin & jowls 6 weeks ago.

I have noticed I still have some swelling . However, what is concerning me is that the jowls on the left hand side of my face still seem to be there... READ MORE

Will my abdomen continue to shrink or is this close to my final result?

I had abd/flanks/thigh tumescent Lipo on 3-8-17. Thighs look great, swelling and pain gone. My abd, though, is thicker than the day before the... READ MORE

Can I get liposuction? (photo)

Really interested in getting tumescent liposuction (patient reviews make it appear it's least painful) on the small bits of fat I've never been able... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo 4 days ago, cause wrinkles where Hernia Repair incision is, will the compression garment correct this? (photo)

I had tumescent liposuction 4 day's ago. 8 month's ago I had a incisions hernia repair now around my belly is real wrinkle. Is this normal. Will the... READ MORE

How long do most doctors recommend wearing a compression garment after tumescent lipo of the upper and lower abdomen plus hips?

I really don't want to wear a compression garment any longer than absolutely necessary. I am going to be in a very hot climate about 4 weeks after the... READ MORE

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