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Will Stitching Incision Site After Tumescent Lipo Hinder Drainage and Prolong Swelling?

I am having tumescent lipo of abdomen, posterior waist and bra line. My doctor chooses to loosely stitch the incision sites. I worked for a PS that... READ MORE

Should I get my seroma drained or will it reabsorb on its own?

I have gotten tumescent liposuction on my abdomen a little over 2 weeks ago & have been drained twice due to a seroma. my last drain was 75cc & a... READ MORE

Is It Healthy and Safe to Not Have Drains After Having Tumescent Liposuction? (photo)

I am looking for a good PS and have met with 4 in the Houston and surrounding areas. They have all been wonderful but one PS informed me that I would... READ MORE

Should I Use a Surgical Drain After Tumescent Lipo?

My doctor suggested that we use a surgical drain to help with the fluid post-op. I have done some research on these and from my understanding they are... READ MORE

No Drainage After Abdominal Lipo?

Hello everyone, I had tumescent liposuction yesterday of abdominal/ love handles under local anesthesia. Incisions were left open for drainage.... READ MORE

I Had Tumescent Lipo July 2nd, It's Been 6 Days and I Haven't Drained at All. Is This Normal?

I am 42 5'4" 143 lbs pre-op and am now close to 148 post op.. I feel this hot searing "fluid" around my mid-section. Worn my compression garment, and... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo of abdomen 2 days ago. 450cc taken out. I'm 116 & lbs 5'5. I have no drainage from wounds. Any suggestion?

I had tumescent lipo of abdomen done 2 days ago- 450cc taken out. I have no drainage from open wounds. My tummy is exactly the same size as before.... READ MORE

Does my stomach look normal? (Photo)

I'm a little concerned about the lumpiness of my stomach. I had lipo on my flanks and abdomen on January 21st 2016. I don't feel like it's a smooth as... READ MORE

Soft large lump after liposuction on abdomen. What should I do? (photos)

It has been 2 months and 2 weeks since my tumescent liposuction procedure on belly and back and i have this huge soft lump that doesn't go away not... READ MORE

4 weeks post tumescent Liposuction, do I have a Seroma in my belly button area or is this normal? (photos)

The drain right above my bb drained liquid first 2 days. I had a total of 6 massages where I was "manually drained" then I had 8 more that only... READ MORE

When can you be drained after lipo tumescent huge lower abs full of fluid? Done on April 5th

I just got liposuction tumescent done on Tuesday April 5th I have a pocket full of fluid in the lower part of my abdomen huge since Wednesday and went... READ MORE

Can excess fluid be drained and tissue be massaged to look less irregular after 6 months post abdominal tumescent lipo? (Photo)

There is excess fluid in some areas around my abdomen and some tissue as well contributing to the irregular creasing around my belly button. My... READ MORE

I had a TT and lipo to flanks.

I had a TT with Mr and lipo to my flanks and back on 3/09/17. My right side was very swollen and fluid was drained twice. Now I'm wondering would it... READ MORE

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