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Wearing Compression Garment After Tumescent Liposuction?

How long should you wear compression garments? I am having a lot of swelling if I don't wear one.  Its been 19 days since the procedure. What... READ MORE

Can Not Wearing the Compression Garment Really Affect the Final Results of Lipo?

I had the Tumescent lipo performed three days ago. I wore the compresion garment the first two days, but I cannot wear that anymore if my life... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wear the Compression Garment? Do I Wear It While Working Out?

I had my liposuction w tumescent 4 wks ago. I have worn the compression garment religiously everyday x 24hrs. I had a very tiny umbilical hernia... READ MORE

Hardness and Lumps Post Tumescent Lipo in Central Area (Abdomen) is this Normal?s

I am 2 months post lipo of upper/lower abds, flanks, upper/lower back with removal of 2L of fat,weekly massage.1st, my garments gives in the... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Swelling Two Months Past Tumescent Lipo in Upper and Lower Abds?

I am two months post tumescent lipo of upper/lower abdomen, flanks and back. Most of the swelling has decreased. My garment gives in the middle of... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction on Neck and Jowls 1 Week Ago? (photo)

I had tumescent lipo on neck and jowls one week ago. I have worn compression 24/7. I look worse than before. Is there any hope for improvement? I am... READ MORE

I'm 4 days post op tumescent lipo. Can I start doing yoga yet, and if so, should I wear the compression garment?

I had tumescent liposuction just on my inner thighs 4 days ago. I usually do about 5 hours of intense vinyasa style yoga a week. I don't feel ready to... READ MORE

How tight is too tight?

How tight is too tight when speaking of compression garments? My PS, who is not board certified, recommends I have my current garment taken in a full... READ MORE

Uneven 6 weeks after liposuction. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had tumes liposuction 6 weeks ago the first week the swelling was big, but I was flat and was fine, after I started to use the 2stage garment (... READ MORE

What time of day should I wear my compression garment?

I have been told by my PS that I may now wear my compression garment for half the day. Do you recommend it be worn during the day or at night, or does... READ MORE

Is it swelling or can it really be the fat from my tummy filling out my sides in just one day of me not wearing the garment?

I had my surgery 7days ago. I took off my garment last night and left it off all day during work today. I had my love handles removed. I felt my sides... READ MORE

Fluid buildup in pelvis after tumescent lipo?

I just got liposuction today (very small amount) and have felt no pain or discomfort. I didn't have a compression garment so I used a waist trainer... READ MORE

After How Many Days from Day of Surgery Can I Start Swimming Regularly and Scuba Diving?

Swimming (in the sea and pool) is part of my regular weekly excercise. How many days after doing the tumulescent lipo can I start my regular swimming... READ MORE

Is it necessary to wear a compression garment after tumescent liposuction on the abdomen and flanks?

Dear Docs, I have recently (7 hours ago) had a bilateral mastopexy with unilateral fast transfer to correct an asymmetry I had. I had fat taken from... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo on my inner and outer thighs, and from knee area, 8 litres of fat removed. When will I see a final result?

Hi i got tumescent lipo done on my both thighs inner outer and from knee area and 8 litres of fat was removed. Its being 3.5 weeks and i dont see tht... READ MORE

How long do you have to wear the compression garment after Tumescent Liposuction?

I had my upper/ lower back and bra rolls lipo- how long before does numbness go away? And the compression binder from surgical center , how long to... READ MORE

Ridges and lumps after Tumescent Liposuction for double chin. Will this problem resolve it self in time?

Hi, I had a tumescent liposuction done about two weeks ago, the compression garment must have moved in my sleep and it has left me with a raised band... READ MORE

Compression indentation - garment too tight? Permanent?

I am 6 days post-op with tumescent lipo and a BA. How tight is too tight for the compression garment? When sitting or laying down, the zipper may... READ MORE

What effects would Liposuction (tumescent) have on my belly button? (photos)

After a great deal of research and contemplation, I have decided to try liposuction on my abdominal region. I appreciate all the responses I have... READ MORE

Is it safe to use compression garments for athletes/sport, ie: Skins as well as the surgeon given ones post liposuction?

Hello. I am one week post tumescent lipo on inner knees, inner/outer thighs. Have been instructed to wear my compression garments around the clock for... READ MORE

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