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Tumescent Liposuction Pain

How painful is Tumescent liposuction if done under general anesthesia? Is it really a lot worse than doing it with local? I'm getting it done in 3... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction Safe for Patients with Low Blood Pressure?

I have low blood pressure (generally mid-90's over high 50's or low 60's). Is it safe for me to have tumescent liposuction under local... READ MORE

General Vs. Local Anesthesia for Tumescent Lipo?

I'm interested in getting lipo to my flanks, abdominals and upper back. I'm about 10 lbs overweight in those areas only. When I got a consultation... READ MORE

I Dont Understand the Difference? (Narrowing in on the Doctor to Use for Liposuction)

I am considering two doctors for liposuction of the flanks. Both use tumescent, but only one uses anesthesia? How does work? Does that mean that the... READ MORE

Anesthesia during tumescent liposuction?

I'm trying to decide if I need anesthesia during a upper and lower abdomen tumescent liposuction . Mostly because of cost. Thoughts? READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction after Menopause: Menstruating after procedure.

I had Tumescent Microlipo liposuction on my abdomen 10 days ago and have now started menstruating fairly heavily. I have been through menopause being... READ MORE

Pre-op. Is blood work something that needs to be done?

I've noticed that several stories state there was some type of blood work involved. I didn't get any blood work done, all they did was take my blood... READ MORE

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