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Tumescent Lipo - 4 Weeks Post Op of Full Abdomen, Flanks, Inner and Outer Thighs, Barely Lost Weight?

Tumescent lipo on June 20th of the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. So I am now 1 month postop. Was a size 10ish in pants and am fitting... READ MORE

I Had Upper, Lower and Flank Lipo (2/20/13) I'm 5'6 129 Lbs. My Belly Looks Ripply and Wrinkly? (photo)

Hi, I'm a little nervous. I had upper, lower abdominal and flank lipo (tumescent) almost a month ago. I'm an exerciser, in good shape, 5'6 and 129 lbs... READ MORE

Did I Waste my Money on Tumescent Liposuction (Upper/lower Abs & Flanks with Suction)? (photo)

I had my procedure 9 days ago, I'm 5'5" and weigh 180lbs. I know tummy tuck was my best option but couldn't afford the cost or downtime. I know I have... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Upper & Lower Tummy Lipo and Little to No Results, Very Discouraged at This Point?

I am 5 weeks post upper and lower tummy lipo and looking at my before and after pictures I see very little difference. My Dr is board certified and he... READ MORE

2 weeks post op I look exactly the same as before. Is it possible that my Liposuction didn't work? (photos)

I've never been overweight, I'm 5'6 & weighed 145 at the time of my procedure 2 wks ago Monday (I'm 140 now). I wanted to lose my flabby stomach &... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo at Clinic Femina by Dr. Scott Ross 6 weeks out and still no results. No change in measurements or fit of clothes.

I requested my records from WestHealth Surgery center where it was preformed. He didn't take before pictures. I'm 5'5" and weigh 155 lb now and day of... READ MORE

50 year old female with questions on tumescent laser liposuction on upper/lower abs and flanks?

50 year old Hispanic female-188 lbs at 5'5" BMI = 31. 1 child by C-section 21 years ago. Been told my skin, scar and fat areas are "in good shape" or... READ MORE

I Had Tumescent Lipo July 2nd, It's Been 6 Days and I Haven't Drained at All. Is This Normal?

I am 42 5'4" 143 lbs pre-op and am now close to 148 post op.. I feel this hot searing "fluid" around my mid-section. Worn my compression garment, and... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo Post Op Hot Searing Pain... Is This Normal?

I am 42 5'4" 143 lbs pre-op and am now close to 148 post op.. I feel this hot searing "fluid" around my mid-section. Worn my compression garment, and... READ MORE

Does Ur Blood Pressure Have a Lot to Do with Ur Weight

Im havn the tumecent lipo with fat transfrer to the buttocks and my doctor told me to lose 10 pounds to get my blood pressure down so i did. i was... READ MORE

Good candidate for liposuction?

I am a 27yrs old female, and a proud mom of a 3 months old baby boy. I want to get liposuction done for D&E resistant huge saddlebags. Weight... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo of abdomen 2 days ago. 450cc taken out. I'm 116 & lbs 5'5. I have no drainage from wounds. Any suggestion?

I had tumescent lipo of abdomen done 2 days ago- 450cc taken out. I have no drainage from open wounds. My tummy is exactly the same size as before.... READ MORE

2 days post-op tumescent lipo of saddlebags, flanks and inner thighs. How swollen will I be?

I had the surgery 2 days ago, how swollen will i be? I don't see much of a change yet. I am 5'7.5 and weight 140lbs. The surgeon said he removed 3lbs... READ MORE

I Went in Today for a 1 Wk Checkup from an Ab Revision. They Told Me They Injected 1000 Cc of Solution and Only 400 Was Removed?

Is this normal? They said to drink lots of water and the remaining solution would come out on its own. The first procedure was done 9 months ago and... READ MORE

Do I qualify for a Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I am 5' 6 3/4 tall and weigh 190lbs. I had my son 14 years ago and my belly won't go away! I work out an hour a day 4-5 days a week and the belly... READ MORE

Getting larger after tumescent lipo and fat transfer. Is this normal? (Photo)

I am 5ft 4 145lbs i had tumescent lipo on my stomach love handles and lower back with fat transfer to my butt. The second day my stomach looked great... READ MORE

Am I likely to have loose skin after lipo? A doc told me I'm a 50/50 candidate between lipo & a tummy tuck (Photo)

I'm 5'7, 145lbs, age 32, no kids & none planned. The doc thinks my skin is "just ok - not great, not bad", but also told me I don't have muscle damage... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo for 43 year old with no kids? (Photo)

Hello, I am 43 years old, non-smoker, no kids, 150 lbs and 5'6'' tall. I hate my rolls and want to look good in my clothes and a bikinii! I am... READ MORE

How does tumescent liposuction work as far the amount of fat removed?

Im curious about how the fluid is removed and if its included in the amount of fat the dr. removes. For instance in my case the dr. used 7 litres of... READ MORE

Should circumferential thigh, calf, and ankle tumescent lipo with oral sedation be staged or is it OK to do as one procedure?

I am 44 years old, pear shaped, 5'6" and weigh 140 lbs. My doctor, a board certified plastic surgeon, thinks it's ok to do everything at once. I am... READ MORE

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