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6 Day Post Op -- Large Volume Lipo- Heavy Swelling/Bruising on Pannus + Pubic Normal? (Photo)

~3.5L of Fat removed via lipo from upper/lower abdomen, pannus+pubic. Pannus+pubic is purple/black very hot and painful. Pannus has hard area across... READ MORE

Developing Hard Lumps About 1 Week After Lipo, This Normal? (photo)

I had tumecent lipo done almost two weeks ago on my upper/lower abs, and love handles. when i went to my post op the next day.. I had NO BRUISING,... READ MORE

Uneven Swelling with Some Pain 11 Days After Lipo, Could I Get an Infection From the Trapped Fluid?

I had tumescent lipo done on my upper and lower abdomen. The right side of my abdomen at waist level is considerably more swollen and pretty tender.... READ MORE

Will I See Results if 8000 Cc of Fat Was Removed During Tumescent Lipo?

This is my 5th day post op. I saw immediate results after my procedure and I know it takes up to 6 months to see the final results, but I'm still... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo upper and lower abdominal area, 500cc of fat removed ...is that enough? (Photo)

Hello, I just had upper and lower tumescent lipo 1 week a go with one of the most rewarded plastic surgeons in Boston. Im 5"2 and 125 pounds and have... READ MORE

Did I Waste my Money on Tumescent Liposuction (Upper/lower Abs & Flanks with Suction)? (photo)

I had my procedure 9 days ago, I'm 5'5" and weigh 180lbs. I know tummy tuck was my best option but couldn't afford the cost or downtime. I know I have... READ MORE

I Had Pure Tumescent Liposuction 5 Days Ago and Don't See Any Results, How Long Until I do?

I had pure tumescent liposuction 5 days ago. My doctor told me not to take the garment off for the first 24 hours. I did just that. After 24 hours i... READ MORE

How long am I supposed to drain after liposuction? (photos)

I had lipo done on my upper and lower abs 8 days ago. I did not drain for the 2,3, and 4th day. Then all of the sudden, I started pouring out sticky... READ MORE

Any Suggestions to Alleviate Severe Pain and Swelling After Tumescent Liposuction?

I had tumescent liposuction of my waist, upper buttocks, hips, and flanks approxmiately 7 days ago. I have very little bruising, but I am experiencing... READ MORE

I had Tumescent Liposuction a week ago. With my size and weight, I think they left way too much fat! What do you think? (photo)

I know a tummy tuck would be my best option, but I don't have that kind of money or down time at this moment. I am 5'10" and 195 to 200 lbs. Having my... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction on Neck and Jowls 1 Week Ago? (photo)

I had tumescent lipo on neck and jowls one week ago. I have worn compression 24/7. I look worse than before. Is there any hope for improvement? I am... READ MORE

Tumescent Liposuction Jowls and Neck Results Not Good? (photo)

I had tumescent lipo one week ago on my neck and jowls. After fluid drained I see the same jowl sacks that were there before. There is still neck fat... READ MORE

Swelling Won't Go Down After Liposuction...what Should I Do?! And Did my Doctor Suction Enough?

I had tumecent liposuction on my low abs and flanks 6 days ago. I a small and I didn't have much sucked out. I have 2 weeks before school and I am... READ MORE

After tumescent lipo of abdomen and flanks, I am post op day 8, when will the pain and drainage go away? (photo)

5 liters was removed from my abdominal area and flanks. I am still numb, and my two lower incision areas drain so much as soon as a gauze is removed.... READ MORE

I Had Tumescent Lipo July 2nd, It's Been 6 Days and I Haven't Drained at All. Is This Normal?

I am 42 5'4" 143 lbs pre-op and am now close to 148 post op.. I feel this hot searing "fluid" around my mid-section. Worn my compression garment, and... READ MORE

My doctor says I need to massage with a hand held massager post liposuction but I think it is too early and it hurts like heck?

5 days post tumlescent liposcution upper and lower abs. I still have pain. At post op visit gave me instructions to use a hand held massager for 30... READ MORE

Is it swelling or can it really be the fat from my tummy filling out my sides in just one day of me not wearing the garment?

I had my surgery 7days ago. I took off my garment last night and left it off all day during work today. I had my love handles removed. I felt my sides... READ MORE

I had liquid (tumescent) lipo 7 days ago and have 1 incision that is still draining - should I be worried?

The incision is 1 of 4 on my lower abdomen 2 of which are stitched closed. All incisions are covered by water proof dressing. The one that is draining... READ MORE

5 days post op Tumesecent Lipo, I have keloid prone skin. What's the best way to care for these incisions to minimize scarring?

Hi, I am post-tumelsecent lipo Day5 and have keloid prone skin. whats the best way to care for these incisions to minimise scarring? My doctor... READ MORE

is it normal to have numbness/ and around the bra line and itches after Tumescent Lipo?

After 1 wk having lipo on my whole back upper/lower/ bra rolls, this was a touch up, is it normal to have numbness/ and around the bra line it itches? READ MORE

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