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truSculpt is a non-invasive technology used for body sculpting and fat reduction. A handheld device sends radiofrequency energy deep below the surface of the skin to heat fat cells and cause them to die. The treatment is painless and doesn’t require any downtime. The system can be used on multiple parts of the body, including stomach, thighs, and under the chin.

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Trusculpt for Upper Arm Fat - New York, NY

I'm 5'4" and 120 lbs and upper arm fat has always been a problem area, even if I lose weight. I wanted to do coolsculpting since it is proven to produce results and I probably could have been good with one session. My dr performs coolsculpting but recommended trusculpt instead, so I just went... READ MORE

Trusculpt Upper Arms - 48 Yr Old Appleton WI

I had this procedure done today on my much hated upper arms. I also had 2 Exilis treatments on my upper arms this past month and am having one more in a week. For Trusculpt a small square plate is placed on the area being treated and is held on that spot for 4 minutes then is moved slightly... READ MORE

amazing results - Olympia, WA

I received my first trusculpt treatment on my under arms on May 20th, exactly a month ago. I can't tell you how please I am with just the first treatment. Dr. McCann explained to me that I wouldn't see any results for 3 weeks or so. Well one week after I started seeing results. I saw them in my... READ MORE

2 Sessions and Too Much Fat Loss with "Shawdows/lumpiness" on Thighs - Virginia, VA

I am only 110 pounds and just wanted some reduction in my thighs so trusculpt seems perfect given I was told it can work on any size person because it only takes a percentage of fat and that I could treat both my entire thighs so there would be very little taken off but from all around. This is... READ MORE

34 Year Old, 2 Girls, Couldn't Get my Body Quite Back to Where It Use to Be - Westchester, NY

Hi! After my kids were born, my body did a pretty decent job recovering but there was always just a little pooch in the front and my sides seemed to be bigger too (muffin top I guess?). Anyways, my friend works at a plastic surgeons office and recommended I use their new Trusculpt 3D treatment... READ MORE

Trusculpt 3D

Want to look good on the beach. Have a muffin top that I just cant get rid of. Frustrated because I am relatively lean but the fat on my belly won't go away. I was worried that it was going to be painful because of some reviews I read online and the doctor assured me that this was the new... READ MORE

60 Year Old Mother of 2

My sonobello experience began with an online inquiry for a free consultation in my area, Westchester County. I promptly received a call from one of their very polite experienced customer service representative.She determined that the nearest location for my free consultation was a short 12... READ MORE

Dr Babaali Took Care of Me and my Love Handles - Los Angeles, CA

I did a ton of research on what device I should use. I've tried Coolsculpt in the past and it worked but left in pain both during and after the treatment. So when I decided to do my love handles I searched around. A few of my friends have done sculptsure and didn't feel like they saw anything... READ MORE

After 2 Sessions of TruSculpt My Face is Noticeably Leaner

Have had 2 sessions of TruSculpt on my cheeks (in order to avoid the 'fat droop' around the mouth) + two on my double chin as well. First session 12/23/16 and second 3/12/17. IT WORKS. Face has definition! READ MORE

Dr Babaali was amazing - so was Trusculpt

My Pooch is gone! I recently moved down from the PNW and decided to get my pooch/belly fat addressed now that I live at the beach. I'm in relatively good shape as I go to the gym about 2 times per week and am a nutritionist for work. I eat realtively healthy, except for the occasional ice... READ MORE

37 Year old female

Yes! Trusculpt was awesome! I've tried Coolsculpting and a couple other non-invasive body sculpting devices but none of them really gave the results like Trusculpt. It felt like I was tanning during the treatment and after only 2 treatments my love handles and bra fat areas are almost gone! Well... READ MORE

It's BS. Really

Treated my abs, arms and chin area with a combination of truesculpt and velashape. I noticed absolutely not changes in any areas. I still feel kind of stupid for investing in it, if you could melt your fat this way, anyone with a hairdryer would be skinny. For the price, I could have had done... READ MORE

No more stomach pooch

Trusculpt was amazing. Little painful but nothing I couldn't handle. Doctor was amazing. Couldn't be happier. Not to mention it was the actual doctor who did the treatment not the staff. The office was beautiful and I couldn't have been happier. The girl upfront was so nice and I only waiting... READ MORE

Just Had This Done Today - Reno, NV

Hi, I went through groupon and paid for 3 sessions and just had my 1st session done today on my upper and lower abdomen. I must say the first applicator was the most painful. Very intense heat almost unbearable but the technician kept talking to me to try to take my mind off of what was... READ MORE

What Fitness Didn't Hit TruSculpt Did! - Seattle, WA

I'm into fitness and eating right not only as my profession but personally. It doesn't matter what I did I still had the saggy skin in my stomach area. I've always been self-conscious with this area since having kids. I've tried botanical body wraps and it looks good for a day but I needed... READ MORE

TruSculpt Works! - Plano, TX

OMG! TruSculpt really works! I went to Renee Cao at Timeless Beauty by Renee in West Plano, Texas. She gave me TruSculpt treatments on my upper and lower abdomen, arms, and inner thighs. After a couple of weeks I am seeing results and I know that my body is still eliminating fat cells. I cannot... READ MORE

Trusculpt Vs CoolSculpt and Sculpsure - Dallas, TX

I have in the past had cool sculpting done, sculpture and about 5 weeks ago Trusculpt. I am overwhelmed by how easy, tolerable and amazing trusculpt works. I don't typically write reviews but I feel inclined to do so with how my experiences have been. I did see results with Coolsculpting however... READ MORE

Expensive and Very Little Results - Texas

I went in to have my outer hips treated because I had fat pads covering them in what is called "saddle britches". Mine weren't that big or dramatic, but there was a small noticeable bump. The treatments were a whopping $1000 a piece. I had about 6 treatments (3 without charge) because the... READ MORE

TruSculpt - Triceps - Skokie, IL

The truSculpt procedure being done on my triceps is working nicely. I am very pleased with the results I'm seeing. Dr. Turowski and his team are wonderful. He answered all of my questions and Linda Amato walked me through each step of the procedure. Highly recommend New Horizon Center For... READ MORE

Tried Trusculpt for Under my Chin and Bra Back Fat - Overland Park, KS

The verdict is out. While I felt like I saw some improvement under my chin, I also lost 12 pounds so I am not sure if that is what the improvement was from. I had trusculpt treatments about 4 treatments spaced out on my bra back fat and under my chin. I am not sure it was worth the money. ... READ MORE

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