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Total FX is a combined laser treatment intended to zap away acne scars and sun damage with just 1-2 weeks of recovery. LEARN MORE ›

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I had a little idea of what to expect, but oh... the pain. I was given demerol and ativan, for the pain. Numbing cream on the face - even my tongue was frozen. Then a few painful shots of lidocaine here and there. And so it begins - Deep FX first. In spite of all the numbing, the pain was so... READ MORE

I am a 59 year old woman who wanted a skin rejuvenation treatment for lines, large pores and dark spots form sun exposure. The procedure for the Active and Deep FX treatment was done under general anesthesia. I cannot imagine having this done any other way as it is a very intense procedure. I... READ MORE

My problem was crepey eyes (upper and lower eyelids). I ended up getting Total FX and here are my results: 1. Did it improve my overall skin tone? Yes. Dramatically. I now have the most beautiful and clear skin. 2. Did it improve my original problem? No. Not at all. For the first 2... READ MORE

I am 50, and had the Total FX treatment to diminish fine wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, remove brown sunspots, minimize large pores on my nose and chin, and to generally tighten the skin on my face. The treatment was a little painful, particularly around my eyes and nose despite the... READ MORE

I'm 56, fair-skinned, never smoked nor had excessive sun exposure but still had periorbital lines, some wrinkling and dark spots. Had total fx done 7 months ago, and had a 5-10% improvement @ best. Very disappointed. My expectations were not out of line and I gave it the full time frame for... READ MORE

Living in Florida as a teenager, I was one of many sun lovers and I have the type of skin that has no business being exposed to the sun. I became one big freckle. Now, living in Fairfield, CT and being much older and wiser, (depending on the day) I have spent years and thousands trying to... READ MORE

I had Active FX and Deep FX done on my face and neck 3 days ago. I am so glad that I had read all of the reviews prior to the procedure because I knew what to expect and was not nervous.On the day of the procedure I got to the office early to take my Vicodin, Valium and apply the numbing cream.... READ MORE

I had Total FX done about 9 days ago - at the second visit (5 days after the laser treatment)my doctor who did the laser treatment - was not happy on how my skin was healing - it seemed too red on one side - I told her that I design jewelry and was using a butane torch to work on some pieces -... READ MORE

On Friday 12/12 I had Active FX all over my face and Total FX on the lower half of my face, neck and chest. It was painful but not terrible with numbing cream Valium and Vicodin on board. I have light eyes and hair and fair to medium skin and had the expected swelling, pinpoint bleeding, and... READ MORE

I had active and deep fx done three weeks ago.Although the procedure itself was very painful, I didn't care because I was very optimistic about the results. The recovery was absolutely horrible. The oozing is gross and the itching is almost unbearable. I told the doctor I had 10 days before I... READ MORE

I am 4 days post op and did not have all that oozing that most pictures here show. I am wondering if my procedure will be as effective as I had hoped. I do not want to do this a 2nd time before 5 years.It has been extremely uncomfortable, glad I have had vicodin, and it is so itchy I can't... READ MORE

This is my second day after having Total FX performed yesterday. It was excruciating! I always thought I had a high tolerance for pain, but I'm one of the ones that didn't tolerate this procedure well. I am under the care of a wonderful and highly respected plastic surgeon and I was... READ MORE

I had Total FX in June/09 over my entire face with the deep treatment around the mouth area and a scar near my nose. I wanted it to eliminate some fine to medium lines around my lower lip, to tighten the slightly loose skin around my mouth, and to improve the surgical scar near my nose.After... READ MORE

I have olive skin and I had total FX 7 days ago. I am 39 years old and my very fine lines around my eyes. The nurse convinced me that I was gooing to get a better result if I treat the whole face rather around the eyes.The healing process was fast, however, after the peeling stopped I see deep... READ MORE

I had a Total FX treatment yesterday Jan. 14, 2010 and wanted to share my day with people that are considering this treatment. I had read many reviews online and was surprised to see so many negative reviews. My experience was very good. I'm only a day into it so I'm not sure what my final... READ MORE

I am writing this review because realself was instrumental in helping me find out information about fractional laser treatments and I learned a lot about Deep FX from here. So I thought I'd give back and add to the database of info.I am a 34 year old Caucasian male living in Tokyo Japan. I... READ MORE

I had Total FX on my face to eliminate fine lines. I was instructed to use Obagi skin care post procedure plus have another procedure to eliminate blood vessels around my eyes which were probably caused by using Retin A which I was told to do in conjunction with Obagi. My skin was beautiful... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Total FX ranges from $1,700-$4,233 with an average cost of $2,700. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 54 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more