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total fx laser - Seattle, WA

I had read that Total FX was the gold standard for laser. I researched dermatologists all over the Seattle area. I couldn't be happier with my choice.Dr Jacobson was so sweet before, during and after the procedure. She was very patient with all my questions and answered her emails right away. I... READ MORE

Dr Bapna is Wonderful - Columbus, OH

Not sure about the procedure results yet as i am only on day one post Total Fx- but what i can say is that Dr Bapna and the entire staff are great! He is so laid back and down to earth- very easy to talk to, and really knows his stuff when it comes to laser resurfacing, I did my own research as... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye/radiesse/skin Care - Columbus, OH

I am doing pulsed dye for a red mark from a previous laser that went bad and radiesse in the cheeks which I love!!! Results to come from pulsed dye...  Totally worth it and Dr smith is amazing...doing active fx w him next week...will do another post regarding that next week... READ MORE

Not really worth it for significant scarring - Santa Monica, CA

I just had Total FX, two days ago on July 22, 2008 in Santa Monica, CA. She is the dermatologist seen on the show "Extreme Makeover", but it was actually one of her nurses that performed the procedure for acne scarring and a few small undereye wrinkles. I am a 41 year old female with... READ MORE

Total FX for Under Eye Crepiness - Seattle, WA

I had this procedure two days ago, and don't yet know how I will turn out. I mainly wanted to address crepiness under my eyes when I smile. Otherwise, I have very few noticeable wrinkles. I am 56 and hated those areas that "wadded up" under my eyes! The procedure was a breeze thanks to my... READ MORE

L Arm Trauma Surgery -Houston, TX

So you can probably guess this wasn't something I just decided to do one day. I almost lost my left arm in an ATV incident. After my major surgery, Dr. Basu was my plastic surgeon to make it look good! I was 11 and I am now 19 and completely happy and thankful for his work. Thanks again Dr. Basu. :) READ MORE

Total FX -Reno, NV

I'm 48 years old, fair skinned, grew up in So Cal at the beach and have been a user of sunscreen my entire life from pure necessity. I had Total FX to improve skin tone and texture while softening wrinkles. I went into the laser with a bit of apprehension as I was not disappointed with my aging... READ MORE

31 Y/o - with ACNE SCARS - Pasadena, CA

I am 31 almost 32 years old - pretty much done with my active acne phase - with the occasional premenstrual breakout. I have been looking for a long time for something to help my acne scarring. I have boxcar scars on my forehead and ice pick scars on my cheek - and lots of discoloration... READ MORE

Total Fx is NOT for Crows Feet! - Santa Monica, CA

My doctor told me to get total fx for crows feet. It did absolutely NOTHING for crows feet. I already had a great complexion, so the results were zero! Maybe the FX lasers work on brown spots, but it does not work well on orbital creases or sagging. The doctor was very experienced and really... READ MORE

Vanity, Vanity All is ...! - Seattle, WA

I also had a bletharoplasty, eyelid lift,!! , at the same time. ON the way to my first appointment with Dr. R, I told my husband that we were only going for a consultation and I wasn't about to make any life-changing decisions. I walked out with a date for surgery! I think it was a... READ MORE

Total FX - Worth It! - New York, NY

I came to see Dr. Khorasani regarding a Total Fx procedure to treat acne scarring I have had for 10 years. Most of my scarring accumulated on my cheeks and chin, and lightly on my forehead, so those were the areas I was looking to have lasered. READ MORE

Total FX - Awful Experience - Dublin, OH

I had Total FX 6 days ago. I did it because I have moderate acne scars. It has been a really bad experience. It was slightly painful, the doc put metal shields under my eyelids, this was very scary. In the days following my procedure, I was swollen to the point my eyes were sealed shut. My left... READ MORE

Total FX - Michigan

Wanted to improve skin tone and reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation. VERY painful and post-procedure first night was terrible -- vomiting, almost passed out, spent the night on the bathroom floor so I would be close to toilet to throw up. 3 months after procedure the brown spots are... READ MORE

Helpful Hints - Lafayette, CO

This is the third, similar laser procedure I've had in the last 16 years. I did it again to mitigate extensive sun damage while younger and to reduce pore-size appearance more than minimize wrinkles, of which I'm fortunate not to have many, amazingly enough (perhaps thanks to previous... READ MORE

Not Worth It!!! - Peabody

Perhaps I would have a different opinion if the Dr was truthful with me about how long it is taking to get my face back to normal. I am 6 weeks out still red/blotchy/with brown spots... My skin looked so much better before this procedure. I would never do this again and I would tell anyone who... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation is the Problem - Colorado

I'm a fair-skinned Asian. Thought I was fully prepared, but still got very bad hyperpigmentation. Fine lines around my eyes are gone, texture of the skin is better, but with the hyperpigmentation, I still look 10 times worse. Very disappointed! I have to say now 2 weeks after the... READ MORE

Almost 7 months post TOTAL FRAXEL

I had a combination active and deep fraxel around my mouth, primarily to lesson appearance of a small scar at the corner of my mouth.Now it is one month after and part of my skin appears to have striations that are accentuated when I apply makeup. Although I've been told that I may not... READ MORE

A Waste of Money - San Diego, CA

I had the ACTIVE FX-All over face, chest and neck plus DEEP FX on the face) Was told it would 'get rid' of scars, wrinkles and blotchy-ness, while 'lifting' the sagging skin. Not true!! At best, this treatment 'polished' my skin for about two months, but it is totally... READ MORE

So Far So Good..... - Nevada

I had the Total Fx procedure done 4 days ago. It definitely was uncomfortable..felt like I was getting zapped with hundreds of rubber bands lol..but it was not untolerable. Had lots of pinpoint bleeding and heat after, but not too bad. First night and second night was hard to sleep. Your... READ MORE

No Comparison - Nashville, TN

I had upper lip wrinkles and alot of sun spots from growing up in Florida, and I wanted to clean it up. I had Total Fx fractionated laser resurfacing and filler placed under my eyes by Dr. Retief, and it made a world of difference.  I look  so much better and younger.  And now... READ MORE

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