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Total FX is a combined laser treatment intended to treat acne scars and sun damage with 1-2 weeks of recovery. LEARN MORE ›

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Love my New Skin! - Paradise Valley, AZ

I'm 12 days post Total FX and I very pleased with my result. I'm 64 years old and have been wanting to do laser resurfacing for awhile. I've had TCA chemical peels and they were much more painful than this. I was given a sedative and two Percocet for pain. I had numbing cream applied for... READ MORE

54 yo - Total FX laser resurfacing - La Jolla, CA

Had the total FX treatment yesterday. I was very nervous so they gave me a valium, Percocet and Xanax. Most of it was bearable but a few times it really hurt. I am exited to see my results from this procedure. I will post day to day photos to see outcome! I have been looking forward to this for... READ MORE

Acne Scars, Plan to Undergo 4 Total FX Treatments

4/30/14 Tomorrow I will be undergoing the first of what the doctor expects to be 4 laser treatments for scars from cystic acne . I'm not sure if all of them will be Total FX, but tomorrow will be. Praying for some encouraging results! So tired of being heartbroken over the condition of my skin... READ MORE

Turning 54 Next Wk & Feel As if I'm Looking Old - Bakersfield, CA

I just returned from a vacation and of course took lots of pics. Although my skin looked smooth, I saw a lot of deep wrinkles around my eyes. They looked even worse when I smiled and I became hesitant at the thought of another photo. I decided to get the Total FX ( and had actually already... READ MORE

Acne Scars Laser Co2 Total FX

I have scheduled to have laser resurfacing (Total FX) for moderate acne scarring, mostly on my cheeks. I am female, age 31 with pale skin that tans fairly easily but have not had any tan in several years. I decided to go with Dr. Duplechain in Lafayette,La after doing a little research. As of... READ MORE

Total FX - Fredericksburg, VA

Procedure pain was and 8 of 10 but bearable because it was over in 20 mins. Pain continued to burn for about 18 hours where it started to subside and was almost all gone by day 3 . 1st day it helped to sleep in front of a fan and have a wet wash cloth. I expected it to start to peal sooner... READ MORE

Total FX. 28 Y/o Acne Scars -

Hello, I Just got Total Fx done a Day ago. I have acne since I was a kid and finally got on Accutane a year or so ago. I have always been self consious about my scars and couldn't wait till the year was up after Accutane to be able to do something about it. I was told I would need 2 treatments... READ MORE

Total FX to Delay a Facelift!

I arrived at ! and was given a Valium and a Benadryl while the nurse covered my face with numbing cream. 45 minutes later the procedure began. She placed eye guards inside my eyes so she could get close to my lashes. I was sleepy and I have to say, the pain was bad but tolerable. She... READ MORE

Total FX in San Diego

Had Total FX on 12/22. Did it mostly for fine lines and sun spots. The pros were: most of the sun spots are gone. Down time was only 5-6 days. Fine lines are sofented or just plain gone. Cons are: The pain was something I wasn't expecting. Did really well around my eyes, but anywhere near... READ MORE

Had Total FX Today! - Santa Cruz, CA

I've been putting this off and finally decided to go for it. The treatment was pretty tolerable in my opinion. I read some comments from other people who made it seem absolutely horrifying. But I realize it's all in your attitude. They first put numbing cream on my face for about 20-30... READ MORE

The Real Scoop on Total FX...In a Nutshell: WORTH IT.

Here goes nothing. I promised myself I would write a review after my procedure since was invaluable to me before (and during recovery from) Total FX. I've also decided to attach photos so you can judge for yourself. Both before photographs were taken before Botox and Total... READ MORE

Good Results from Total FX for Skin Tone, Pore Size and Acne Scars (W/video)

I had active FX and Deep Fx combined for "Total FX".Excellent improvement in skin tone, reduction in pore size, 50% improvement to acne scars. Procedure hurt, but only while they were doing it. Fcae was super hot for about 4 hours after. After that no Pain or discomfort. You will not... READ MORE

Time for Deep and Active FX after 3 X Fraxels & fillers

I have researched a lot before decided on this procedure. The treatment itself was extremely quick: only 13 minutes. I wonder how do Ablative Profractional full face laser treatments usually take? When I had Fraxels they took about 45 minutes and I was provided with few passes. This was... READ MORE

I Did It! -Reno, NV

Hi everyone! I have been lurking on this board for a few weeks researching the Total FX procedure. After doing endless research, I decided to go for it! Day 1: I went to the office and brought my two pain meds and an anti-anxiety med as requested by laser technician, Lisa. I took the meds and... READ MORE

44 Year Old Native Phoenician in Need of Resurfacing. Scottsdale, AZ

Hi. I'm Kelli, and I recently had the Total FX laser procedure. I had such an incredible result and experience that I thought I would share it on Realself. I'm a native of Arizona, and needless to say, the summers spent in the pool caught up to me! I also have fair, freckly skin which is more... READ MORE

28 Year Old Male, Acne Scars, TotalFX - Allentown, PA

I have gotten 4 Fraxel restore in the past, and I did not achieve the desire goal, now I'm looking to getting a CO2, which I hear it is far more stronger for the acne scars. I will upload before and after pics. My scars are mostly from acne, although I fear that my first two Fraxels, may have... READ MORE

Active/Deep FX Not Worth It

I had 2 Total FX treatments for acne scars. First time, even though the setting was lower, the swelling and woozing lasted a few days, but healed within 1 week or so. I could cover up redness with foundation. Didn't see any improvement in scars.The Dr said to perform the second FX with higher... READ MORE

total fx laser - Seattle, WA

I had read that Total FX was the gold standard for laser. I researched dermatologists all over the Seattle area. I couldn't be happier with my choice.Dr Jacobson was so sweet before, during and after the procedure. She was very patient with all my questions and answered her emails right away. I... READ MORE

Dr Bapna is Wonderful - Columbus, OH

Not sure about the procedure results yet as i am only on day one post Total Fx- but what i can say is that Dr Bapna and the entire staff are great! He is so laid back and down to earth- very easy to talk to, and really knows his stuff when it comes to laser resurfacing, I did my own research as... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye/radiesse/skin Care - Columbus, OH

I am doing pulsed dye for a red mark from a previous laser that went bad and radiesse in the cheeks which I love!!! Results to come from pulsed dye...  Totally worth it and Dr smith is amazing...doing active fx w him next week...will do another post regarding that next week... READ MORE

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