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Should I Get Active FX and Deep FX Together (Total FX)?

I was going to make an appointment for Active FX today, but it seems like everyone is getting Deep FX with their Active FX now.  Should I get... READ MORE

What Should I Expect from Total FX?

I recently went to see an Esthetician about getting the Total FX treatment. He said that I would have small white bumps on my face that are not... READ MORE

Best Pre-treatment Protocol for Total FX or Fraxel Re:pair?

Is it important to stop Retinol or Retin A products 5 days before doing Total FX/Active FX or Fraxel re:pair? I was told 2 different things by 2... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:pair Vs Total FX for Neck Skin Tightening

There aren't many doctors offering Fraxel Re:pair in my area, and it's easier to find doctors that provide Total FX. Will skin tightening results... READ MORE

Total FX Cost

How much does Total FX cost on average? READ MORE

Biafine for Post-Active/Total FX Care?

I'm going in for Active/Total FX treatment on December 12. The MD that will be doing the procedure (very experienced with a great track record)... READ MORE

Will Total FX Help with "Jowls"?

I have been told I don't have enough loose skin for a face lift, but Total FX will help "rid" me of my little jowls. I have fair skin and... READ MORE

Total FX Recovery

I'm considering getting Total FX to treat some moderate sun damage and wrinkles. What kind of recovery time am I in for? Will I need to take time off... READ MORE

Is my Skin Too Sensitive for Total FX or Fraxel Re:pair?

My skin can be very sensitive to strong skin care products (i.e. Retinol, Triluma, glycolic acid), and I can usually only tolerate them a few days at... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Be on Skin Bleaching Regimen Before Total FX?

I've had bad skin (redness, acne scars, freckles, etc.) for a LONG time, so I was disappointed when I had to wait a few weeks before the procedure... READ MORE

Total FX Vs. TCA Chemical Peel for Lines Under Eyes?

I am 42 and have some crepiness / lines beneath the eyes. Two different doctors have promoted their solution - Total FX vs TCA 35%. Which will have a... READ MORE

Active FX /Total FX from an Opthamologist

She has tons of experience doing Active FX and Total FX, and had before and after photos of HER patients. She is an associate prof at Stanford School... READ MORE

Fraxel Repair vs Total (Deep) FX - Best for Raised and Keloid Scars?

I'm considering laser resurfacing for raised, keloid type scars from cystic acne. I've attached a picture of a sampling of the type of... READ MORE

Treatment for Redness a Year After Total FX?

I had Total FX (Active FX/Deep FX) performed 1 year ago on an indented scar I have on my cheek. While I did not see much improvement in the scar, I... READ MORE

TotalFX Recovery and Side Effects (Asian Skin Tone)

I Have Been Recommended to Have Total Fx, I Have Been Using Obagi for the last 12 months,I have been using it twice a week from May but had to stop... READ MORE

Ultraplus Total FX for Darker Skin?

Can Ultraplus Total FX (Deep FX and Active FX) treatment be performed on darker skin types? READ MORE

What Qualifications Does a Person Need to Perform Total FX?

I am wondering what training or qualifications a person has to have in order to perform a total FX procedure on someone in Texas. I had a total FX... READ MORE

Total FX on Thighs for Tightening?

I was told by my Doctor that he can do the Total FX on my thighs to help with the sagging skin and that the treatment will have a tightening effect. I... READ MORE

Is Total FX Done with One Laser Only?

My doctor recommends the Total FX procedure for skin tone improvement and acne scarring. I understand this involves Active FX and deep FC lasers - is... READ MORE

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