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When Will Total FX Swelling Go Down?

I had Total FX (Active FX with Deep FX) done less than 24 hours ago. My eyes are almost completely swollen shut, especially my left eye. It is also... READ MORE

Total FX - How Long After Treatment Will I Have to Avoid the Sun?

I am an outdoor person and have an Asian skin tone. I do wear a hat and sunscreen all the time, but I worry that having Total FX done will cause me... READ MORE

Redness After Total FX

I had Total FX done on one scar on my cheek 2 1/2 months ago, and am still red. Is this normal, and will it ever go away? My doctor did light... READ MORE

Waiting Between Active FX/Total FX or Fraxel Repair Treatments

I had Active FX/Total FX (in December) on my face neck and chest. So far so good, but my neck and chest were done on a light setting so there's not... READ MORE

Total FX - How Long After Treatment Will Wrinkles and Fine Lines Diminish?

I wonder how long it takes after the Total FX treatment for fine lines and wrinkles to diminish, if not disappear? Most of the before/after pictures... READ MORE

Why Did I Have More Wrinkle on my Eyes After Total FX?

Why do I have more noticeable wrinkles after Total FX around my eyes? My doctor said it was because of the tightening effect is taking place and it... READ MORE

Grid Marks After Total FX

I had Total FX treatment three weeks ago and I still have grid marks around chin. Is this normal? It doesn't look like hyperpigmentation, it looks... READ MORE

I'm Not Completely Happy with Full Face Total FX Results, is It Safe to Repeat Within Same Year?

I had a full face Active/Deep FX done 10 months ago, will I have further improvement to do secondary full face laser? I am turning 50 yrs and am a... READ MORE

Brown Spots After Total FX

I had Total FX around 20 days ago for brown spots and facial/neck rejuvenation. I used a combination of corticoid and antibiotic cream after the... READ MORE

How Best and when to Remove the Yellow Crust on Face from Total FX?

I had Total FX done on my face two days ago, and now there's a thick, yellow crust almost all over. When and how should I remove it? READ MORE

Nerve Ending Complications/prolonged Healing After Total Fx Laser Treatment(2 Weeks)

I had a deep treatment of total fx laser on my cheeks 11 days ago. Swelled for a few days. 6 days in became more uncomfortable with severe nerve... READ MORE

Is It Possible Not to Peel After Total FX?

I had total fx 8 days ago. now my skin is healing very well, still a bit red though. i have read abt peeling on days 4, 5 and 6 on every single... READ MORE

May I Use my Clarisonic with the Sensitive Brush 5 Days After the Procedure?

If I have, will it prevent my skin from healing properly and the collagen from filling in the acne scars? I used it after all of the weeping/crusting... READ MORE

After 7 Days, I'm Not Seeing Any Difference in Wrinkles from FX Total Face. Is That Normal?

During the first 2-3 day after, my face only showed mild red. Most peeling was over by day 4. The exception was the area under my nose and on chin --... READ MORE

Will Copper Peptide Products Speed the Healing Time After Full Face Total FX Laser?

I hear alot of buzz with copper peptide based skin care products for post care following facial laser. Can you recommend a specific copper product you... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting small puss filled (pin head size) pimples that leave pink marks on my face after my Total FX treatment?

I paid $3,000 for my skin to look beautiful. I am happy with the way this tightened my skin. My skin is very pink and blotchy. I have left make up off... READ MORE

Grid Marks Six Months After TotalFX

My mother (55 YO) had total fx done, and six months later the grid marks are getting much worse. I did not even notice them till a couple weaks ago.... READ MORE

Still Have Grid Marks 7 Months After TotalFX

I had Total FX done 7 months ago and still have grid marks, is that normal? The scars are actually getting worse. My doctor says they will improve but... READ MORE

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