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How Do I Replace Lost Enamel and Whiten my Teeth? (photo)

I have very little enamel, in fact at the age of 19 my dentist told me my teeth where that of a 50 year olds. I don't smoke, don't drink often, I... READ MORE

Horrible Tooth Pain and Turning Gray?

My tooth is SO sensitive right now- anytime I eat or drink anything, a huge stinging pain goes in between two of my teeth and all the way down. It is... READ MORE

Pain with Biting Beginning a Month After Filling?

I had a deep filling, and after a few days of sensitivity, it felt fine for a about 2 weeks. Yesterday, it started to hurt upon chewing. it feels sort... READ MORE

Treatment of Sensitive Teeth

Hi, i am 20yrs old this year and recently felt pain in my teeth when i eat or drink cold/hot food drinks. Even sucking in cold air hurts my teeth a... READ MORE

Is It normal to have sensitivity on a tooth that has been filed down?

I got a filling a few weeks ago but it was still hurting, so I called up my dentist and went in yesterday for him to check on it, he filed it down and... READ MORE

Problems with Filling in Between Front Teeth? (photo)

I had a filling in between my front two teeth about 18 months ago, I had it redone 2 months later due to extreme sensitivity and pain (The Dr. did it... READ MORE

Tooth is Still Sensitive After Filling?

About two weeks ago I got a filling in my bottom back left tooth. My dentist said that it was a medium cavity and the filling wasn't too deep. Every... READ MORE

I don't think I have much enamel on my teeth but I want my front teeth filed down. Is this recommended? (photos)

I've never been happy with my two front teeth - I dont think they are in proportion and I want to get them filed down. My concern is sensitivity as I... READ MORE

What should I do if root canal treatment doesn't seem to work for me?

I have had 7 root Canal treatments in the last 5 years, most repeated several times. 1 has now had the root cut, but all of them are still... READ MORE

Does It Mean That my Dentin Was Severely Damaged? Read Full Description

In an accident my less than half portion of front tooth broke, after my 1/4 tooth broke, little blood came out and very sensitivity felling started... READ MORE

Why are all my teeth breaking and falling out and rotting ? And what can I do to prevent this?

I'm 24 about be 25 I use to be a hardcore drug addict but clean for a year now and my teeth have always been real sensitve and would stain easly my... READ MORE

Is it possible to get my teeth filed down? (photos)

My two front teeth are HUGE and it's annoying. I would like to get them filed down, how much does it normally cost? I have sensitive teeth as well... READ MORE

I have a hairline crack in my molar just in the middle. (Photo)

I saw yesterday a crack in my lower left jaw molar.It's sensitive because the hairline crack starts from biting surface to middleof tooth.Dentist say... READ MORE

I Had Three Fillings 3 Weeks Ago the Dentist Said They Were Tiny Now It is Sensitive to Heat and Cold?

Had one cavity on the left filled and two on the right only the right side hurts I can't chew anything on my right since the pain READ MORE

Upper Left, 2nd or 3rd tooth from back. Extreme, extreme shooting pain up through the gum/root. What's wrong?

Nothing specific triggers it, but sometimes if i smile, it immediately can bring pain. Nothing showed up on the xray, no cavity, no root damage..... READ MORE

My teeth are constantly chipping away. What are my options from preventing further damage to my teeth?

Every few months i notice yet ANOTHER chip on my teeth and my teeth getting more and more sensitive. I've never had cavities etc. I'm just concerned... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Teeth to Still Be Sensitive After 15 Fillings?

About a month ago I had 4 cavities filled, and then about a week later I had the other 11 filled. My bite feels normal, but my teeth are still... READ MORE

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