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Broken File in Root Canal

I just had a root canal done today due to a deep filling I've had for a while. During the procedure, the general dentist broke the file inside the... READ MORE

Failed Root Canal with Chronic Abscess. Re-treatment or Abstraction and Implant? (photo)

The 2009 root canal failed due to the ill-fitting crown and I now have a chronic abscess deep in the former root near my sinus. (Gum boil visible in... READ MORE

Root Canal for Broken Tooth?

I chipped my front central tooth in half. My dentsit is going to put on a veneer, but she tested the tooth for root canal and said it is fine. Even... READ MORE

Root Canal Recovery

What can one expect to feel or experience after getting the root canal? READ MORE

Failing Tooth After Root Canal

After a tooth has had root canal, and then after that an apicoetomy, how do you know if your tooth is failing and needs to be pulled? what are the signs? READ MORE

Can't Guarantee That a Root Canal Could Be Done On My Teeth Because of Calcification?

What option i have, when an edodontist doesn't guarantee that a root canal could be done on my teeth because my tooth is too calcified, the first... READ MORE

Broken Root Canal File? (photo)

Had root canal done last year, then crown put on a couple of months later. I have had continual pain in that tooth, and chronic sinus infections. Went... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Gum After a Root Canal of a Dead Tooth?

I had a root canal without any novocaine because tooth was dead. It did not hurt & was just a little sore for a couple of days afterward. Then... READ MORE

Best treatment for front break teeth accidentally? (photo)

I had a x.ray of chipped front teeth .Doctor advice no need of root canal for the same teeth.I waana know best treatment for that .. READ MORE

File Broken in Tooth?

Several years back I had a root canal and had several problems since then but now the issues had quadrupled! I am having severe headaches that begin... READ MORE

Who pays for the specialist to remove the broken file in my root canal?

A file broke off in my tooth during a root canal, I was referred to a specialist (Endodontist) to have it removed which she did. Who is responsible... READ MORE

No Pain Before Root Canal, Intolerable Pain After One? (photo)

Hello, I went for a filling few weeks ago on tooth 13-premolar , after removing some caries dentist recommended that I get a root canal. Couple days... READ MORE

Broken tooth at gum line, root left behind?

What is the worst that coukd happen.if a tooth breaks off at the gum line and the roots are left (never extracted)? There is no pain with broken tooth... READ MORE

How long does it take to heal a root canal?

I accidentally chewed on my front tooth 1 week and a day after my root canal treatment. It hurt pretty bad, I didn't mean to, but I am a little... READ MORE

What will happen if a temporary filling comes out of a tooth that has had a root canal?

I had a root canal several months ago and they put in a temporary filling, the tooth has since cracked and the filling is coming out. What will happen... READ MORE

What can I do about my loose tooth?

25 years ago i had my front top two teeth ripped out by a waterslide. They were able to get them back in, and a root canal was done on both teeth. No... READ MORE

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