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One crooked tooth, what is the best and cheapest way to fix it? (photo)

My front top tooth is crooked, its the only one that is. I don't really want to get braces for one tooth and invisalign is to costly for me. Would... READ MORE

Do I Need a Referral to See a Periodontist or Oral Surgeon?

I would like to talk to a gum specialist about my concavity in my gum after extraction and implant placement on an anterior tooth. Do I need to work... READ MORE

What Kind of Dental Work Can I Have to Replace All of my Silver Fillings with a Natural Color?

I have a lot of cavities that were filled with silver. I brush my teeth more than anyone I know but for some reason I got a lot of cavities when I was... READ MORE

How Common is It for a Molar to Break (Shatter) After Replacing a Filling?

Went in to have a very old and damaged ( there was a hole in it) filling replaced on my bottom L molar. After filling was completed and I was leaving... READ MORE

Small enamel missing on bottom of front tooth = Cheapest way to fix, replace? Products??

Cheapest way to replace, fix small missing Enamel chip on bottom of front tooth. Or, any do-it-yourself Products I can "paint" on/fix. I was even... READ MORE

Does broken root in human tooth can regenerate?

I had a molar tooth, got crown, root canal done. after 6 mos, dentist found that the root has broken on one side of the tooth. contacted endodontist... READ MORE

Should I Get a New Composite Filling or Veneer?

I chipped my front tooth when I was 18, and it was repaired with a composite filling, now 31 it's time to have it replaced. The last years I have been... READ MORE

Will I need Oral Surgery, or just extraction? Old crown fell off 5 yrs ago, remaining tooth breaking off in pieces. Now hurts.

I had a root canal and crown on my last molar. The crown came off about 5 yrs ago. I never replaced it & remaining tooth has been breaking off in... READ MORE

Tooth broken to gum but has part left. Is this possible to have fixed or have a replacement one put in? (Photo)

Had previous work done had to have it filled i cant rekember if i had a root canal or not. Not to long after the filling which was behind my tooth on... READ MORE

Front tooth replacement. (photo)

Want to replace my front tooth which broke and now it is coming out. Can't it be done easily or it is complicated procedure READ MORE

The back of my top tooth is broken on the inside and back part, almost to the root. Dental surgery? (photos)

My filling need to be replaced in that tooth also so it is wide open in the middle. In the beginning(2 months ago) my toothache would come and go,but... READ MORE

TMJ type pain following filling being replaced. 50 years old class 3 crossbite.

I had a filling replaced in an upper premolar 11 months ago. Two days later it was adjusted because it felt high and I couldn't open my mouth very... READ MORE

‚ÄčOne of my front teeth is missing, making a small gap and other is like a baby tooth. How much will it cost to fix it?

I want to fix two of my teeth in the front, one is missing which is making a small gap and the other is just very small kind of like a baby tooth. I... READ MORE

I need a replacement. I can't stand the taste - my teeth are getting worse - options?

My front tooth broke clean in half. At first it hurt a little and was sensitive because the root was exposed. After the root had died it was painless... READ MORE

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