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Is It Safe to Remove Silver Fillings?

I have silver fillings from a long time ago but I've been wanting to get the white fillings instead. One dentist told me that it was safer to keep... READ MORE

Should I pull the tooth?

I had a root canal last November and ever since have had either a headache or some sort of pain in the spot of the tooth - I had ex-rays and cat scans... READ MORE

My 2 teeth are both RCT, half broken, and capping is removed. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Problem is 2 teeth both are RCT it's long time 4 to 5 year back. my problem is 1st teeth is half broken and 2nd is capping is removed. I consulted... READ MORE

I have retainer and crowned tooth. My tooth being chipped/worn out. Any suggestions?

I got my braces off recently and now have to wear a retainer, but I have a bit of a problem. One of the hooks/clasp thing on the back, lower one is... READ MORE

I just realized that I have a huge hole on my bottom tooth and a lot of plaque build up. Will I have to remove my teeth? (photo)

I was just wondering what is going on with my teeth. I'm starting to get sharp / numb pains around my tooth and it feels kind of loose. Can anyone... READ MORE

I understand its common to have a file break off in the canal but how about outside the canal in the bone?

I had a root canal in October 2015. It has hurt from the beginning. After multiple trips to the dentist and multiple antibiotics it still hurts. My... READ MORE

Are my teeth decaying? Brown spots. (photos)

I have recently discovered brown spots on the back of my front teeth. Is it removable? I am going to to see my dentist soon, but I would like to know... READ MORE

Do I need my tooth removed or my gum operated on.

About two years ago i had my bottom and lower wisdom teeth removed. The dentist broke it leaving fragments. After Serious pain he removed some... READ MORE

I have a crack in my top tooth and it was not painful, but now it is and my gum is bleeding. What should I do?

I have a huge fear of Dentist and I am scared that if they remove the tooth my gum will come away I have not seen a dentist for 2 years due to my fears READ MORE

I had a molar removed four days ago on my left side. Do I have dry socket and what is the yellow stuff? (Photo)

I do smoke but suck gently had used wet gauze to cover my socket earlier. I eat on my right side of the mouth and rinse with salt water. What is the... READ MORE

I want to remove my extra canine teeth as It looks bad when I laugh or smile. (Photos)

Is it possible to remove my teeth painlessly? I want to remove out my extra canine teeth. READ MORE

Can a half grown tooth can be grown with the help of any gel or injection without removing that tooth? (photos)

Half grown tooth over a canine ......can it be corrected without removing it ? Just want it to grow completely READ MORE

Is there any tool available for removing the broken file from rct treated tooth?

I didn't get correct answer for my question that is there any tool available for removing the broken file from rct treated teeth during the course of... READ MORE

Does the cost of my procedure seem too high?

I went in for a evaluation. I have had dental problems for years and I wanted to see what a complete set of dentures would cost. for years and I... READ MORE

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