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Horrible Tooth Pain and Turning Gray?

My tooth is SO sensitive right now- anytime I eat or drink anything, a huge stinging pain goes in between two of my teeth and all the way down. It is... READ MORE

Broken Root Canal File? (photo)

Had root canal done last year, then crown put on a couple of months later. I have had continual pain in that tooth, and chronic sinus infections. Went... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Gum After a Root Canal of a Dead Tooth?

I had a root canal without any novocaine because tooth was dead. It did not hurt & was just a little sore for a couple of days afterward. Then... READ MORE

No Pain Before Root Canal, Intolerable Pain After One? (photo)

Hello, I went for a filling few weeks ago on tooth 13-premolar , after removing some caries dentist recommended that I get a root canal. Couple days... READ MORE

Why do I have pain when chewing three weeks after fillings?

Three weeks ago, I had two impacted bottom wisdom teeth removed. One wisdom tooth on top removed and seven fillings. Four of the seven fillings were... READ MORE

How long does it take to heal a root canal?

I accidentally chewed on my front tooth 1 week and a day after my root canal treatment. It hurt pretty bad, I didn't mean to, but I am a little... READ MORE

My Mother Has Developed Overlapping Front Teeth and Has Pain?

My mother has Alzheimer's disease and has recently developed overlapping upper teeth. She has pain and sensations of the teeth being full of food. Her... READ MORE

What will happen if a temporary filling comes out of a tooth that has had a root canal?

I had a root canal several months ago and they put in a temporary filling, the tooth has since cracked and the filling is coming out. What will happen... READ MORE

Loose teeth because of an accident, could able to fix or not? (photos)

Dear docter, my upper front right teeth is little loose because of a small accident and I m having pain in the gum. Is is possible to fix it properly.... READ MORE

I Chipped my Front Tooth and It Hurts Really Bad It's Super Loose What Do I Do in the Mean While? (photo)

I chipped one of my front tooth i am in so much pain It happend like 2 weeks ago I still havent made an appt because I live in a small town and have... READ MORE

Will Medicad Cover Tooth Erosion Fixing?

I am 23 years old and i have some tooth erosion on the top and bottom. My son and i have medicaid, so i was wondering would Virginia Medicaid cover me... READ MORE

What should I do if root canal treatment doesn't seem to work for me?

I have had 7 root Canal treatments in the last 5 years, most repeated several times. 1 has now had the root cut, but all of them are still... READ MORE

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 yr ago. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 year ago. Still I haven't gone to a dentist yet because i'm too... READ MORE

Can my cracked tooth be saved? (photos)

Hi, I bit on something hard and my tooth cracked. I think it may be one of my root canal tooth. There is a very mild shooting pain when I chew on it.... READ MORE

I have pain in my gum above the fake tooth (#26) of my dental bridge even with the slightest pressure on the bridge?

The bridge has already been adjusted by my dentist with respect to my bite. Does the pressure from chewing cause the fake tooth to touch the gum above... READ MORE

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