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Moving Tooth

Yesterday I went to the dentist for cleaning and my teeth were all fine, but after he did the cleaning one of my teeth moved from its place and now I... READ MORE

How could I fix the scratch on my front tooth?

I have what looks to be a scratch on my right front tooth. It's not that visible but knowing that's there scares me. I have some irritation and... READ MORE

My son's front tooth is turning a light shade a pink! Any thoughts?

Two years ago my son got knocked into monkey bars and cracked a good corner off his front tooth. He had no bleeding and it didn't seem to reach the... READ MORE

Are my teeth falling out? (Photo)

The 5th tooth on the top row suddenly feels loose. When I push my tongue against it it feels as if it can fall out. How can I prevent this from happening? READ MORE

Can my Teeth Be Saved? (photo)

Im from the uk and hardly many money and ive let my teeth go bad , i have a fake tooth as of a bike accident when i was younger, im now 25 and my... READ MORE

Will the scratch in the enamel of my front tooth cause it to rot or discolor or will the enamel repair itself? What should I do?

I was eating breakfast the other day accidentally bit down on the edge of one of the fork tines. It scratched my front, top, right tooth on the very... READ MORE

Can my teeth be saved? I am terrified and embarrassed (Photo)

In the past year my molars have gotten to a terrible level of decay. Due to living on my own and being unable to afford a dentist visit, i have... READ MORE

Will my tooth fall out after trauma?

I got hit in the front tooth. One of the big ones right in the upper front. It was knocked inwards, but I pushed it back in place right away. This was... READ MORE

Minor chip in the middle of teeth! What do I do? (Photo)

Okay so the bottom of the middle of my two front teeth have chipped and I think it looks stupid and I really hate it so much, people say it isn't... READ MORE

My front tooth is changing color and coming down. What's my next step? (Photo)

I've noticed over the past few years my front tooth is changing color & coming down. I've seen two dentists who said its dead but gave two completey... READ MORE

My bottom teeth have cavities. Are these fixable? (Photo)

My bottom teeth have began decaying, I guess you could say. My gum is also pushed down. They are just now starting to cause discomfort. Are my teeth... READ MORE

How can I fix it and how much will it cost?

I am a constant nail biter. As I was biting my nail, I bite down on something hard that was wedged n between my nail. I was surprised to see a piece... READ MORE

Broken tooth at gum line, root left behind?

What is the worst that coukd happen.if a tooth breaks off at the gum line and the roots are left (never extracted)? There is no pain with broken tooth... READ MORE

What's the best option for a small chip to bottom edge of front tooth?

I have a small chip to the bottom edge of my front tooth. I am 22 years old and I have already had a filling / bonding which came out less than a week... READ MORE

I chipped my front tooth. It's very small but I notice it & was wondering what I could do to fix it? (Photo)

I attached a photo below, it's small but noticeable and I know it will bother me if I don't get it fixed. It's in the red circle, zooming in will make... READ MORE

My bottom tooth is loose with severe bone loss. Any suggestions?

The dentist says all they can do is pull the tooth they cannot save it I want to knw if any other options can b dne READ MORE

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