Missing Teeth + Tooth Repair

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Midline of Lower Jaw Has Moved Towards Right? (photo)

Hello. My mid line of lower jaw has moved towards right. 3 years ago i had to extract my 1 premolar on right side of lower jaw due to its wastage. The... READ MORE

Gap, Crocket, Can't Whiten, Want a Normal Smile, What Can I Do?(photo)

When I was a kid I had to take out a tooth and there wasnt ny tooth underneath so I eded up with a gap. Today the gap has been filled out as much as... READ MORE

Small enamel missing on bottom of front tooth = Cheapest way to fix, replace? Products??

Cheapest way to replace, fix small missing Enamel chip on bottom of front tooth. Or, any do-it-yourself Products I can "paint" on/fix. I was even... READ MORE

How Effective is a Waterpik to Floss Under a Bridge?

I want effective flossing under the gumline of a bridge for a missing upper front tooth. Is a waterpik a better option than superfloss? READ MORE

At Age of 20 and Lost a Front Tooth is There Posibility to Get Fake Ones?

I lost a tooth while i was 17yrs and i want to know if is there a posibility to get a fake teeth. READ MORE

Missing Lateral Incisors?

My 16-year old daughter is missing her maxillary lateral incisors and has canines in their place. We have visited some orthos, and their advice has... READ MORE

I go to the dentist every 4 weeks for broken teeth. Any suggestions?

I go to the dentist every 4 weeks for broken teeth 1 missing on my top left side and 2 bottom, 1 on each side. I have 1 bridge right side upper. Front... READ MORE

Alternative procedure for missing 2 central teeth aside from implants?

I lost my 2 central upper incisor and i cant afford dental implants. Is there alternative treatment aside from implant? What the best option regarding... READ MORE

Cross Bite, Missing Teeth and Gaps, What Treatment Would You Suggest? (photo)

I'm 13 I only have 22 teeth in total 12 teeth on my bottom jaw 10 on my top jaw i have a cross bite 1 of my front teeth is over the top of my bottom... READ MORE

Dental Implants? Tooth Repair Options? (photo)

I am 40+ female. One of my milk teeth fell at young age and was not replaced by a permanent tooth. Also the gaps between my teeth is increasing and... READ MORE

Please suggest if I can opt for orthodontic treatment for my missing tooth? (photo)

I have extracted my both 3rd last tooth (left and right side) on upper jaw and 3rd last tooth of below jaw. I am attaching my dental OPG and lateral... READ MORE

How to fix big buck front teeth and missing teeth? (Photo)

I have big buck teeth and a few missing teeth. I just want a pretty smile without having to look at my big teeth. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks... READ MORE

What is the procedure for a front tooth thats been missing for 21yrs?

I was in a car accident at the age of 9. it was really bad, im from a foriegn coutry. my mom could not afford to have them replaced and as i go older... READ MORE

‚ÄčOne of my front teeth is missing, making a small gap and other is like a baby tooth. How much will it cost to fix it?

I want to fix two of my teeth in the front, one is missing which is making a small gap and the other is just very small kind of like a baby tooth. I... READ MORE

How much does a bridge cost?

Have one tooth messing and how long will I have to stay on the islands READ MORE

What are the best options to fixed my teeth? (photos)

What are the best options what my teeth look like this. Missing on top and bottom. At the back crowns looking completely different to real teeth. Just... READ MORE

I have diabetes and only have four teeth left. Is there a low cost dentist that could give me a new smile? (Photo)

I have had diabetes for 23 years. No dental insurance. I have 4teeth left. Most of my teeth are broken off under the gum. I am allergic to prophal and... READ MORE

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