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How Can I Keep my Gums Healthy?

I'd like my gums to remain in good for doing so? READ MORE

Why is my Gum on the Left Side Bigger Than the Right Making my Two Front Teeth Look Uneven? (photo)

I'm 20 years of age and even though my two from teeth are the same length when I full on smile you can see on one side the tooth is higher up than the... READ MORE

Loose front tooth on bottom. Any suggestions? (photos)

My bottom tooth in the front is loose and seems to be getting worse. I saw a dentist in sept and had a deep cleaning. I was told I had bone lose and... READ MORE

Severe Pain in Gum After a Root Canal of a Dead Tooth?

I had a root canal without any novocaine because tooth was dead. It did not hurt & was just a little sore for a couple of days afterward. Then... READ MORE

Loose teeth because of an accident, could able to fix or not? (photos)

Dear docter, my upper front right teeth is little loose because of a small accident and I m having pain in the gum. Is is possible to fix it properly.... READ MORE

Weak Teeth Enamel and Receding Gums?

Hi, i just read a study that states that eating an apple a day is much worse than drinking soda for your enamel. Is this true? If i drink water, or... READ MORE

What to Do About Gums in Bad Shape?

My husband has gums where he hardly has any room left for his tongue and appear to be growing over he's teeth. dentist said this could be a result... READ MORE

Deep Creases at the Gum Line on the Outside of the Teeth?

Why are all my teeth, except the front four, both top and bottom, have deep creases at the gum line on the outside of the teeth? READ MORE

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 yr ago. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 year ago. Still I haven't gone to a dentist yet because i'm too... READ MORE

Can my teeth be saved? Are my teeth about to fall out? (Photo)

My teeth recently look as if they are changing colors,my bottom teeth gums are swollen also, can my teeth be saved as of rite now? Are they going to... READ MORE

Failed root canal? (photo)

I had a root canal and crown done six years ago and I'm worried its failing. During that time I have always had a slight degree of sensitivity but not... READ MORE

Treatment for Periodentitis. How could bacteria around my teeth roots be killed ?

I am 72 years old woman,I have 29 healthy teeth or so I thought. Recently an x ray says that two of my molars have Periodontatis and I have about 40... READ MORE

Retreat or Extraction Tooth #19; Rc 10 Years Ago, Current No Pain, but a Gum Bump? (photo)

My tooth #19 got a root/canal 10 years ago and had been great until 4-5 months ago. At that time I had problem with another tooth so I shifted most... READ MORE

Upper Left, 2nd or 3rd tooth from back. Extreme, extreme shooting pain up through the gum/root. What's wrong?

Nothing specific triggers it, but sometimes if i smile, it immediately can bring pain. Nothing showed up on the xray, no cavity, no root damage..... READ MORE

How do I stop gum bleeding?

Dear Doctor, My gum started bleeding a few days ago after I stop take vitamin C tablets everyday. I had a cold last week so I purchased some vitamin C... READ MORE

What Are the Foods That We Can Include in Our Diet Which Are Good for Our Teeth?

Can you share some food stuffs that can be included in our daily diet for good teeth health and gums care. READ MORE

I broke my tooth about 10 years ago and it looks horrible. What would be my treatment plan. (photos)

I'm scared to go to a dentist. The broken tooth is still in my gum. It smells bad. It hurts all the time but over time it has felt better. The... READ MORE

I have pain in my gum above the fake tooth (#26) of my dental bridge even with the slightest pressure on the bridge?

The bridge has already been adjusted by my dentist with respect to my bite. Does the pressure from chewing cause the fake tooth to touch the gum above... READ MORE

Strands of Tissue Running from Gumline to Top of my Teeth

I had gum disease corrected with deep root cleaning, but I have threadlike strands running from my gum line to the top of my teeth. Even the upper... READ MORE

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