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Teeth with Short Roots and Braces?

My 9 year old son's front teeth has short roots. The teeth are protruding and he's overbite so he needs braces. We saw 2 orthodontists with different... READ MORE

Bottom Teeth Hitting Top Teeth?

If I developed the recent problem of my bottom front teeth scraping against the backs of top front teeth, and sometimes the bottoms directly hitting... READ MORE

What to Do After Teeth Grinding Ruined Teeth?

At this point i have not a single whole tooth left due to grinding during my sleep and a trip and fall at work. I wore a mouth gaurd but chewed... READ MORE

Clenching and Grinding Teeth?

Hi there everyone! my jaw hurts.. it has been a year since i started grinding and clenching my teeth, i have no idea why i started grinding and... READ MORE

Teeth Grinding On One Side? (photo)

I've always "grinded" my teeth ( I was told I did so as a child). I'm 29, have been buying guards (I chew through them, take them off sleep) since age... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Pull/build Molars "Back Up" After Mild Impacting from Grinding?

After a botched occlussal adjustment that I did not need (had an perfect bite before), my bite started putting extreme pressure on my back molar teeth... READ MORE

Amalgam Fillings Linked to my Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis?

Diagnosed with MS in Jan 2012. First symptom was optic neuritis in 2009. An MRI showed several brain lesions. In Jan 2012, experienced numbness in my... READ MORE

Chipped My Fang Veneer - can it be fixed? (photos)

Last night I woke up to a chipped right fang veneer, i have a grinding problem when i sleep. Can this be fixed? READ MORE

I hate my teeth how can I fix this? (photo)

I just hate my teeth. I have dealt with bad grinding during my sleep and I think I've done a lot of damage I do wear a night gaurd now but I still... READ MORE

Did my dentist grind too much off my healthy teeth?

I have deep bite. My dentist tried to grind the top surface of my left mandibular canine teeth during my visit 4 days ago, he stopped when I felt pain... READ MORE

How to protect the teeth from grinding?

I clinch and possibly grind at night to the point it has caused me neck and facial pain. I use night guard but I still find my teeth chipp. Isn't the... READ MORE

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