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Options to Fill Gap Around Sharp Canine Tooth? (photo)

What are the most cost-effective options to cosmetically improve my canine tooth--it's turned out slightly and has a gap on either side of it. What... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix a Tooth Gap Near the Canine Teeth? (photo)

I have gaps behind the canine teeth on both sides of my smile. This was caused by over-crowding which resulting in having 6 teeth pulled when I was... READ MORE

I Have Two Small Teeth, Right Next to my Two Front (My Lateral Incisor) How Can I Fix This? (photo)

At first I thought braces were the way to go but I began to think they are too small for bracet. I did some research and came across veneers. Which is... READ MORE

Can a Diastema Be Too Big to Fix? (photo)

I have an oversized labial frenum causing diastema... huge diastema. My upper teeth are like gap city.. I have tried to do some research and I have... READ MORE

Gap, Crocket, Can't Whiten, Want a Normal Smile, What Can I Do?(photo)

When I was a kid I had to take out a tooth and there wasnt ny tooth underneath so I eded up with a gap. Today the gap has been filled out as much as... READ MORE

Gum disease, gum recession, black triangle. (Photos)

I was told I have gum disease many year ago. I finally went in for a gum surgery.after the gum surgery one of my back teeth was infected and loose and... READ MORE

How can I fix my teeth?

I have cracked teeth worn out ,,thin and they have gaps between them due to bulimia i wanna get my old smile back is there any way i can get my whole... READ MORE

A piece of my front tooth was chipped/cracked and it fell out....i now have a gap in my tooth.

What is the best procedure to have done? And the approximate cost? Thanks READ MORE

Is there a way for me to close the gap between my teeth? (photo)

As the title says I just want to close the gap between my front teeths, both up and down. And I am just wondering if there is a way to do this, I am... READ MORE

Any suggestions for broken front teeth and gap? (photos)

I broke my front teeth in a childhood accident and I want to get them repaired with minimum possible expenditure.any suggestion would be appreciated. READ MORE

I had a front tooth chip on the side- had repaired -should I have the dentist redo his work? (photos)

Visible join line- color difference ( assistant picked a color then dentist picked another? ) - gap between two front teeth a bit tight when... READ MORE

What is happening to my tooth? (Photo)

So this is a baby tooth, the adult tooth above it used to be impacted but I got an X-ray two months ago and the adult tooth it right there trying to... READ MORE

Tooth decay on 5 front teeth near gumline and gapped crooked front teeth. (photos)

How could I get all this fixed? I cant afford thousands.. And I am really not wanting to lose any teeth. I feel so ashamed to smile :( I'm a 24 year... READ MORE

My front teeth broke and there is now a gap. How would it be fixed? (photos)

My front teeth have been slowing getting a gap. There was a little hole between them for about 6 months. Went to the dentist to get it fixed but never... READ MORE

Orthofill to Fill Teeth Gaps? (photo)

How to close teeth gaps with Orthofill? Images are not mine. I just get them from Google. READ MORE

Cross Bite, Missing Teeth and Gaps, What Treatment Would You Suggest? (photo)

I'm 13 I only have 22 teeth in total 12 teeth on my bottom jaw 10 on my top jaw i have a cross bite 1 of my front teeth is over the top of my bottom... READ MORE

Regarding closing of front gap of missing two central incisors via orthodontic treatment? (photo)

Proclination, over jet, dual bite? (1) Vertically fractured two central incisors were extracted 1 year & 7 months back because of trauma. (2)... READ MORE

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