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Is it possible to fix a very small chip in a front tooth using composite bonding without drilling away the remaining enamel?

I have a very minor chip in my front tooth caused by an fall earlier today. My teeth are already a bit shorter than I'd like. I am definitely not... READ MORE

Can i fix my loose tooth without seeing a dentist?

Front right tooth. Moves about 1 milimeter cant see it in a mirror but i know its moving. I hear a clicking. I cant see a dentist. I think i bit too... READ MORE

My 13 yr old chipped half of her front tooth, can it be repaired? (photo)

My 13 year old chipped half her front tooth, who do I need to seek for help, a regular dentist? A specialist? Can it be repaired? Will she need... READ MORE

Can I Have the Denist File Down my Front Teeth to Blend a Tiny Chipped Tooth (Half Rice Size)? (photo)

For now, I'd prefer filing down my front teeth if it makes 50% better. Can dentist slighlt file down about 1-2 mm to make it look better ? Right now,... READ MORE

I Have my Front Half Broken Tooth. What Treatment Should I Go With? I Want to Restore It to Natural Tooth.

Is there any treatment that my half broken front tooth can restore to its natural state without any crowns, fillings etc. If there is no method to... READ MORE

How could I fix the scratch on my front tooth?

I have what looks to be a scratch on my right front tooth. It's not that visible but knowing that's there scares me. I have some irritation and... READ MORE

My Two Front Teeth Are Bigger Than my Other Teeth. the Other Ones Are Smaller. How Can I Fix This?

I have generally small teeth but it seem my two front ones are way bigger than the rest and in a weird shape that's not normal. Is there any way I can... READ MORE

One Front Tooth is Longer Than the Other?

If a front tooth is 1/8" longer than the other, and they are both already longer than the eye teeth, what is the best procedure to shorten? I have an... READ MORE

Age 51, Front Tooth Broken, No Pain, No Insurance, What's an Inexpensive Fix?

Knowing it would b temporary and in a few years would need more done READ MORE

Loose front tooth on bottom. Any suggestions? (photos)

My bottom tooth in the front is loose and seems to be getting worse. I saw a dentist in sept and had a deep cleaning. I was told I had bone lose and... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Lengthen a Front Tooth?

Years ago, I chipped one of my two front teeth. The one tooth was filed down to match the length of the chipped tooth. Now I am looking at two shorter... READ MORE

Front Bottom Tooth Chipped on the Inside Age 65?

What is the least expensive way to fix. No dental insurance limited senior income READ MORE

Optimal fix for crack in enamel? (photos)

I have a minor crack in the enamel down the face of my right front tooth. This didn't occur naturally, I know at one time I picked at a spot on this... READ MORE

Teeth Chipping?

I ran my fingernail between my two front teeth, and a small piece of my tooth enamel fell off from the front of my tooth, enough to see the darker... READ MORE

Minor chip in the middle of teeth! What do I do? (Photo)

Okay so the bottom of the middle of my two front teeth have chipped and I think it looks stupid and I really hate it so much, people say it isn't... READ MORE

Transparent teeth? (photos)

My front teeth seem to be very transparent at the bottom. I understand that front teeth are a little transparent at the bottom, but mine seems a... READ MORE

My front tooth is changing color and coming down. What's my next step? (Photo)

I've noticed over the past few years my front tooth is changing color & coming down. I've seen two dentists who said its dead but gave two completey... READ MORE

Cost of Ridge Augmentation?

I will need a front upper tooth removed, a block bone graft put in place along with bone particulates and then a gum graft put over the bone implant.... READ MORE

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