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I have a chip in my front tooth. Would your recommend a filling or bonding? (photo)

I have a chip in my front tooth that I'd like to get fixed. Would you recommend filing it down or filling the chip in (I think that's called bonding?)... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Remove Silver Fillings?

I have silver fillings from a long time ago but I've been wanting to get the white fillings instead. One dentist told me that it was safer to keep... READ MORE

Pain with Biting Beginning a Month After Filling?

I had a deep filling, and after a few days of sensitivity, it felt fine for a about 2 weeks. Yesterday, it started to hurt upon chewing. it feels sort... READ MORE

Tooth With Metal Filling Turning Blue?

I have a tooth with a metal filling and am noticing that the tooth is turning to blue colour ? READ MORE

No Pain Before Root Canal, Intolerable Pain After One? (photo)

Hello, I went for a filling few weeks ago on tooth 13-premolar , after removing some caries dentist recommended that I get a root canal. Couple days... READ MORE

Tooth Decay at Most of my Front Teeth?

Most of my front teeth have decayed and the dentist have patch it up with white filling. However, after time, the filling have turn black.. The only... READ MORE

Why do I have pain when chewing three weeks after fillings?

Three weeks ago, I had two impacted bottom wisdom teeth removed. One wisdom tooth on top removed and seven fillings. Four of the seven fillings were... READ MORE

What's the best option for a small chip to bottom edge of front tooth?

I have a small chip to the bottom edge of my front tooth. I am 22 years old and I have already had a filling / bonding which came out less than a week... READ MORE

Is It normal to have sensitivity on a tooth that has been filed down?

I got a filling a few weeks ago but it was still hurting, so I called up my dentist and went in yesterday for him to check on it, he filed it down and... READ MORE

What Kind of Dental Work Can I Have to Replace All of my Silver Fillings with a Natural Color?

I have a lot of cavities that were filled with silver. I brush my teeth more than anyone I know but for some reason I got a lot of cavities when I was... READ MORE

How Common is It for a Molar to Break (Shatter) After Replacing a Filling?

Went in to have a very old and damaged ( there was a hole in it) filling replaced on my bottom L molar. After filling was completed and I was leaving... READ MORE

Problems with Filling in Between Front Teeth? (photo)

I had a filling in between my front two teeth about 18 months ago, I had it redone 2 months later due to extreme sensitivity and pain (The Dr. did it... READ MORE

Why Does my Tooth Still Hurt After a Filling After Having Three Bite Adjustments?

Hello, I had three composite fillings on the upper righthand side of my mouth on August 15th. A few days later I experienced a sharp pain while eating... READ MORE

Tooth is Still Sensitive After Filling?

About two weeks ago I got a filling in my bottom back left tooth. My dentist said that it was a medium cavity and the filling wasn't too deep. Every... READ MORE

What will happen if a temporary filling comes out of a tooth that has had a root canal?

I had a root canal several months ago and they put in a temporary filling, the tooth has since cracked and the filling is coming out. What will happen... READ MORE

The filling came out of my tooth and I did not get it repaired. Over time the tooth broke off to the gumline .

What can I do? Can it be taken out even if only the roots are left? It is affecting other teeth now. READ MORE

I Just Had a Back Molar Refilled After a Very Large Filling Came Out?

The dentist took an xray, injected 4 needles to numb the pain, and filled the tooth. He was very skillful and a nice man, but I was shocked at the... READ MORE

2 Front Tooth Filling. One Came Loose What to Do It is a Long Weekend?

Hello i was chewing and i felt one of my front tooth filling come loose i checked on the mirror and i can actually see saliva on the inside where it... READ MORE

Why is my molar throbbing after filling?

I had three composite fillings a week ago. One tooth already had a deep filling that was taken out and expanded in my molar. I went back to dentist... READ MORE

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