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Broken File in Root Canal

I just had a root canal done today due to a deep filling I've had for a while. During the procedure, the general dentist broke the file inside the... READ MORE

Can my Front Tooth Be Filed Down? (photo)

I can not afford veneers and those type of things. I got a retainer to straighten them out, and the orthodontist said he will file down the longer... READ MORE

File Broken in Tooth?

Several years back I had a root canal and had several problems since then but now the issues had quadrupled! I am having severe headaches that begin... READ MORE

Who pays for the specialist to remove the broken file in my root canal?

A file broke off in my tooth during a root canal, I was referred to a specialist (Endodontist) to have it removed which she did. Who is responsible... READ MORE

I don't think I have much enamel on my teeth but I want my front teeth filed down. Is this recommended? (photos)

I've never been happy with my two front teeth - I dont think they are in proportion and I want to get them filed down. My concern is sensitivity as I... READ MORE

Small chip on top front tooth. Should I get it filed or bonded? (Photo)

Noticed it this morning.. I have chipped a tooth in the past toward the bottom of my mouth but that was 10 years ago and it doesn't bother me enough... READ MORE

File Broke Off in Canal During Root Canal?

I had the same thing happen. File broke off in the canal during a root canal. Will this prevent me from getting an MRI? READ MORE

Is it possible to get my teeth filed down? (photos)

My two front teeth are HUGE and it's annoying. I would like to get them filed down, how much does it normally cost? I have sensitive teeth as well... READ MORE

I have had a root canal treatment two days ago and a file broke in my tooth.

The dentist showed me the x-ray right after the procedure was done and the separated part of the file was completely at the tip of the root. For the... READ MORE

The file is broken in my tooth crown, is it better to have it extracted or have it filled?

File is boken in my front lower crown teeth after rct doctors tried a lot and know suggesting me for the extraction , should i extract or get it filled. READ MORE

What to Do when File Broke After Perforation?

I have done bmp properly after that i broke my file in apex which is perforated now wat to do i m very concerened sbout it and patient is pregnant??? READ MORE

What Would Be a Ballpark Cost to Getting Your Teeth All Filed to a Point? (photo)

I'm moving to a foreign country, where I plan to stay for my lifetime, and they file their teeth to a point to 'remove the wild from them'. I'd rather... READ MORE

Do I need teeth Reshaping? (photos)

My dentist is suggesting to file down my two front teeth to make them look smaller. Is this safe? and would it improve their appearance? I'm worried... READ MORE

How Much Can a Dentist File Down Teeth?

I had flap surgery few months ago and since I have noticed the vertical sharp edges of the inside of my front lower teeth. It is driving me nuts and... READ MORE

Chipped front tooth but braces coming off soon? (Photo)

I have a chipped front tooth and I'm wearing braces right now. How much damage would I cause for the long term with my teeth if I file them down? Is... READ MORE

Broken file in tooth during root canal.

The tooth was already dead due to an injury and tooth break many years ago. My son was experiencing infection (drainage) and given an appointment to... READ MORE

Can my front teeth be filed? (photos)

Wondering if my front teeth could be easily filed down as I am unhappy with the current size and unevenness, also any indication of the price would be... READ MORE

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