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Broken Tooth at the Gum Line?

My child played soccer. She got hit in the face with the ball. I never thought about getting teeth guards as she doesn't play goalie. Some how when... READ MORE

My tooth fell out but the root are still in. What do I do?

I don't have insurance till January so how important is this? What is the average cost to have the roots removed if that is what needs done. READ MORE

Can my teeth be saved? Are my teeth about to fall out? (Photo)

My teeth recently look as if they are changing colors,my bottom teeth gums are swollen also, can my teeth be saved as of rite now? Are they going to... READ MORE

Why are all my teeth breaking and falling out and rotting ? And what can I do to prevent this?

I'm 24 about be 25 I use to be a hardcore drug addict but clean for a year now and my teeth have always been real sensitve and would stain easly my... READ MORE

Few Weeks Back a New Tooth Behind #1 Erupted Which is 33rd, Should This Be Extracted?

Few weeks back new tooth behind #1 erupted, at present it doesn't seem to cause any problem. But could this cause a problem later? Please suggest what... READ MORE

I have a severe dental phobia and have not been to my local dentist for years. Can you help?

My teeth are in bad condition, due to my phobia. Recently, one of my teeth dropped out. There is a small piece of tooth still in place. I am worried... READ MORE

My #8 tooth has a horizontal root fracture. What are the chances of the tooth just falling out?

I've been to the dentist and they said it would need to be extracted and then we can get a partial with a tooth. We took the impression and they said... READ MORE

Is my tooth going to fall out? (photos)

I hit my two front teeth on the steering wheel hard in a car accident today. My gu's are throbbing on the left front tooth, the pain is intense and... READ MORE

What can I do my teeth are breaking an falling out?

I got a hit on my mouth when i was a kid and one of them fall out and two more are cracked and now it seens like are about to fall READ MORE

2 Front Tooth Filling. One Came Loose What to Do It is a Long Weekend?

Hello i was chewing and i felt one of my front tooth filling come loose i checked on the mirror and i can actually see saliva on the inside where it... READ MORE

The front teeth near my gums are slowly chipping off, is it too late to save it from dying?Will I need to get fake teeth?(photo)

I don't know if this is caused by my dentist but this started happening after I visited her.My teeth were completely fine before.My teeth are not... READ MORE

What will happen if it falls out?

I have a severely decayed tooth and more than half of it is gone. The remaining piece is starting to get loose. What will happen if it falls out? READ MORE

I need to see a dentist ASAP! I literally have no money, a part time job and two kids I supporting. I need dental help!

I have 2 unfinished root canals. 4 font baby teeth that are getting ready to fall out. And a tooth coming down on the top pallet of my mouth. READ MORE

My canine tooth is falling out. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

What should I do Is this canine tooth falling out at an adult age permanent? I have another tooth that has been growing behind it for a while now. READ MORE

What do I do if I feel more teeth are going to fall out?

I am 24 years of age, I have had a few teeth taken out, and have chipped a few and they have fallen out, i think its about to happen to another , near... READ MORE

Are my teeth going to fall out? Didn't go to the dentist because of price, but now I'm worried. Can't eat or sleep. (photo)

I'm so worried I'm only 25 and since having my two children my teeth have gone down hill. What can I do ? Please please help me :( READ MORE

How much decay will cause a tooth to fall out on its own? (Photo)

Im 21 yrs old & I can feel my front tooth is a bit loose. It has cracks and the upper part shows the outer covering of the tooth has gone. I plan... READ MORE

Rotten tooth, what is my next step?

My tooth has gone rotten and complet fallen out leaving only the root behind, the gum is very swollen and sore. How do they get this out?? READ MORE

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