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My dead front tooth broke off while eating, what procedure can I do to save the tooth and avoid extraction?

Yesterday I was eating my dinner and my dead tooth at the front of my mouth broke off half way what can I have done to save my tooth i really don't... READ MORE

Bicuspid Extractions Changed Face Negatively

Had extractions & its changed my face. I have an appointment with my original ortho and i am unsure how to approach this situation and ask him to... READ MORE

3rd Molar Broke During Extraction. Is It Ok to Leave Part of the Tooth in the Gum?

My 3rd molar was jutting out into the cheek, so my dentist suggested that I get it removed. During extraction, part of the tooth broke off and the... READ MORE

Do I Need a Referral to See a Periodontist or Oral Surgeon?

I would like to talk to a gum specialist about my concavity in my gum after extraction and implant placement on an anterior tooth. Do I need to work... READ MORE

Can I Eat Solid Food 4 Days After Tooth Extraction?

Got my lower left tooth taken out 4 days ago. Went for a check up and the dentist says its healing good and gave me a syringe to clean after I eat as... READ MORE

Can I smoke after having teeth removed?

Had two teeth out 50 hours ago can I smoke now without covering the holes. READ MORE

Midline of Lower Jaw Has Moved Towards Right? (photo)

Hello. My mid line of lower jaw has moved towards right. 3 years ago i had to extract my 1 premolar on right side of lower jaw due to its wastage. The... READ MORE

What should I do if root canal treatment doesn't seem to work for me?

I have had 7 root Canal treatments in the last 5 years, most repeated several times. 1 has now had the root cut, but all of them are still... READ MORE

Top Second Molar Pulled out, Will My Face Look Uneven?

I have my top second molar pulled out yesterday, (i had all my wisdom ones pulled out to years ago after brackets). I am scared my face will look... READ MORE

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 yr ago. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a molars which is broken by half and the half is extracted accidentally over 1 year ago. Still I haven't gone to a dentist yet because i'm too... READ MORE

Pouch Extending from Gum to Salivary Gland Area?

I had a abscessed tooth extracted about a year ago. Since then I have noticed a small pounch kinda thing that goes out from my gum (on left cheek) to... READ MORE

Tooth #24 front broke off, back remained. 3 yrs ago placed a filling. Should I root canal and crown or should I just do crown?

2nd opinion dentist took x ray and said bottom of tooth #24 showed shadow- might be a crack or something else. Can't tell. Suggest extraction &... READ MORE

Can I save my tooth or do I have to have it pulled?

I have a tooth where the side of it the enamel broke of from a cavity and my dentin is exposed it was all yellow in color now it has become more of a... READ MORE

Do E cigs slow the healing process of you gums?

I just had a lot of teeth pulled ( all of them) about two weeks ago. And im trying to quit because ive been told that smoking slows the healing... READ MORE

2nd Molar Extraction, Need a Reason? (photo)

My bottom second molar is tilted inward so much that it affects my speech. I want to get it out but don't know why dentists are reluctant to extract.... READ MORE

Tooth extraction gone wrong. No followup advices and those given were in fact harmful. HOW to avoid dry socket? (photo)

Had a tooth extraction 60 hours ago.gauge was to be removed after 2hrs .At that time bleeding hadnt stopped & there was a piece of tooth in it... READ MORE

Painful Molar Under Bridge. Retreat or Extraction? 33 Yrs Old (photo)

10yrs ago had molar pulled (multiple abscesses) and a bridge created. 10 months ago bridge cracked, new dentist replaced it. 6 months later tooth... READ MORE

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