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My son's front tooth is turning a light shade a pink! Any thoughts?

Two years ago my son got knocked into monkey bars and cracked a good corner off his front tooth. He had no bleeding and it didn't seem to reach the... READ MORE

Horrible Tooth Pain and Turning Gray?

My tooth is SO sensitive right now- anytime I eat or drink anything, a huge stinging pain goes in between two of my teeth and all the way down. It is... READ MORE

Will the scratch in the enamel of my front tooth cause it to rot or discolor or will the enamel repair itself? What should I do?

I was eating breakfast the other day accidentally bit down on the edge of one of the fork tines. It scratched my front, top, right tooth on the very... READ MORE

Tooth With Metal Filling Turning Blue?

I have a tooth with a metal filling and am noticing that the tooth is turning to blue colour ? READ MORE

My front tooth is changing color and coming down. What's my next step? (Photo)

I've noticed over the past few years my front tooth is changing color & coming down. I've seen two dentists who said its dead but gave two completey... READ MORE

Top part of my teeth is whiter than the rest of my tooth and now it chipped. How can I fix it? (Photo)

The top part of my teeth is whiter then the rest of my teeth and now it chipped. A few of my teeth have even broken off because of it. Why??? How I... READ MORE

I Have a Front Slightly Dark Tooth from Root Canal Done 10 Years Ago, I Don't Want to Grind the Tooth at All? (photo)

I am 20 fortunately my braces hide the brownness right now..my dentist had advised me to put a crown afterwards but after browsing on the net and... READ MORE

I'm 30 years old and my top teeth decayed and I was on med that cause my teeth rooted away. What can I do to save my teeth?

What is the next step I can do save my teeth my teeth is brown went to 3 dentis 2 told me same one told me that I have them fix. I'm scared of geting... READ MORE

How do I fix my cracked tooth? (photos)

Cracked upper frnt tooth and now noticed sum discoloration in same tooth. What do I need to do???? READ MORE

Front tooth chipped in half and is discoloring. What can I do to fix it? Are there other problems it could cause? (Photo)

I'm 18, and when I was 10, I tripped at the bowling alley, then fell into a chair, so I went to the dentist and they glued it back on. Months later,... READ MORE

Half of my front tooth is chipped really bad. It is half blackish and the other half is white. What do I do? (Photo)

Have of my front tooth is chipped really bad and is half blakish and the other half is white what do I do ? I'm afraid I will have to take it out and... READ MORE

What is likely to happen to my teeth after being knocked out of place? (photos)

I received a hard blow to the face knocking two of my teeth out of their socket, they were repositioned within 4 hours and a splint applied which I... READ MORE

I have a crack/chip in my right front tooth but this tooth is now discolored. I feel no pain but am concerned. (photo)

I have done the light test and the crack or chip is only on the bottom but I expect it to get worse.  READ MORE

What can I do with my chipped tooth and the discoloration of my teeth? (photos)

I want my teeth to be fix and I need your suggestions. For my chipped tooth, my dentist said I should have a porcelain jacket. Then for my discolored... READ MORE

How to fix my black front tooth and a crooked front tooth next to it? I'm wondering how much the cost will be? (Photo)

I had a bike accident when I was little, now my 2 front teeth look so bad now. One turns black and the one next to it is crooked, I feel so... READ MORE

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