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I chipped my front right tooth. How much does it cost to get this tiny chip repaired permanently? (photo)

My dentist repaired it using tooth colored resin but same day a piece came off...the last time he repaired it, it lasted for a few years. How much... READ MORE

I have a chip in my front tooth. Would your recommend a filling or bonding? (photo)

I have a chip in my front tooth that I'd like to get fixed. Would you recommend filing it down or filling the chip in (I think that's called bonding?)... READ MORE

My teeth have started chipping at the gum line that has been caused by severe decay. What can I do?

The decay and breakage of several teeth have been broken due to years of neglect and high consumption of sugary snacks 2 back teeth have been filled... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix a very small chip in a front tooth using composite bonding without drilling away the remaining enamel?

I have a very minor chip in my front tooth caused by an fall earlier today. My teeth are already a bit shorter than I'd like. I am definitely not... READ MORE

My 13 yr old chipped half of her front tooth, can it be repaired? (photo)

My 13 year old chipped half her front tooth, who do I need to seek for help, a regular dentist? A specialist? Can it be repaired? Will she need... READ MORE

Can I Have the Denist File Down my Front Teeth to Blend a Tiny Chipped Tooth (Half Rice Size)? (photo)

For now, I'd prefer filing down my front teeth if it makes 50% better. Can dentist slighlt file down about 1-2 mm to make it look better ? Right now,... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Lengthen a Front Tooth?

Years ago, I chipped one of my two front teeth. The one tooth was filed down to match the length of the chipped tooth. Now I am looking at two shorter... READ MORE

Front Bottom Tooth Chipped on the Inside Age 65?

What is the least expensive way to fix. No dental insurance limited senior income READ MORE

Teeth Chipping?

I ran my fingernail between my two front teeth, and a small piece of my tooth enamel fell off from the front of my tooth, enough to see the darker... READ MORE

Minor chip in the middle of teeth! What do I do? (Photo)

Okay so the bottom of the middle of my two front teeth have chipped and I think it looks stupid and I really hate it so much, people say it isn't... READ MORE

Best treatment for front break teeth accidentally? (photo)

I had a x.ray of chipped front teeth .Doctor advice no need of root canal for the same teeth.I waana know best treatment for that .. READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover a 5 Year Old Chipped Tooth?

My Front Tooth Was Chipped About 4-5 Years Ago Will Medicaid Cover It still? Did I Wait too Long? READ MORE

My teeth keep chipping and I I don't know what to do! (photo)

Okay so, around summer this year the bottom of my canine tooth and the tooth under it chipped and the dentist said it would be fine so I didn't bother... READ MORE

Can repair be done to chipped/decayed teeth at the gum line? (photos)

In my younger years, I took poor care of my teeth and had a high sugar intake. I have two decayed/chipped teeth at the gum line that I am addressing... READ MORE

How can I fix it and how much will it cost?

I am a constant nail biter. As I was biting my nail, I bite down on something hard that was wedged n between my nail. I was surprised to see a piece... READ MORE

What's the best option for a small chip to bottom edge of front tooth?

I have a small chip to the bottom edge of my front tooth. I am 22 years old and I have already had a filling / bonding which came out less than a week... READ MORE

Would this chip require a filing & polish or a bonding? How much would it cost? I have no insurance (Photo)

I just discovered a very small chip on my bottom front tooth (picture provided but can't really see). I can only feel it with my finger or my tongue... READ MORE

I chipped my front tooth. It's very small but I notice it & was wondering what I could do to fix it? (Photo)

I attached a photo below, it's small but noticeable and I know it will bother me if I don't get it fixed. It's in the red circle, zooming in will make... READ MORE

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